C&J Energy Services, Ltd. (CJES)

C&J Energy Service Ltd is a publicly traded company (“U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission” n.p). The board of directors governs the C&J Energy Service, Ltd. The company’s corporate policies promote the effective functioning of its operations to the best interest of the stockholders. The company merged with Nabors Industries Ltd in a $2.86 billion deal. With the strategy, the company has a competitive edge over others. Besides, the merger has considerably increased C&J Energy’s fleet making the company be among the largest completion and production service providers in North America. The aggressive growth strategy has lifted C&J from a small coiled tubing company to a technologically advanced company (“Nabors Industries Ltd and C&J Energy Service Ltd” n.p). Therefore, the company is prepared and organized to face the future endeavors. It is important to note that, a lawsuit has not hit C&J Energy Service Ltd. In case there was a lawsuit against the company, it would not have been appropriate for me to invest in buying and selling of the company’s stock.

The company has a market value of $173.1 million. The day’s range for the stock is $1.35 to $1.44 (“C&J Energy Services Ltd” n.p). Moreover, the 52-week range for the stock is $0.80 to $18.45. As at April 2, 2016, the stock closed with $1.44, and this was approximately 2.13% increase from the previous results. Currently, the price for the stock is $1.44 (“C&J Energy Services Ltd” n.p). Considering the financial information and the strategy of the company, I will invest my resources into this company. I will ethically and professionally trade in buying and selling stocks in C&J Energy Ltd. The company has a future since it has shown potential growth and is dedicated to providing services to the best interest of the customers, workforce, and the society.


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