Class Inequality in the U.S

Class Inequality in the U.S

The United States of America is among the best nations in terms of development. Major industries and corporations are present in this nation. However, just like in the developing countries, the class system exists.  Most of the Americans consider themselves to be in the middle class but it is agreeable that most of them are poor. It is disheartening to that 10% 9f the richest people in America own 83% of the financial wealth. 90% of the population is left to fight for the remaining 17%. This is a high level of inequality.

The root cause of the class system is the believe that poverty is a result of individuals failings and inadequacies. Our social structures perceived Individuals to have brought about poverty on themselves. Nobody is ready to help the poor unless they have a valid reason.  Society sees poverty as a punishment to those who do not work hard.

Poverty is in no way a result of individual failings rather it a result of failings at the economic and political levels.  We as Americans tend to approach all problems in the context of individual pathologies. The basic problem lies in the lack of opportunities for all. Opportunities are there but the unemployed are more than the opportunities.  Most of the poor Americans are unemployed because there are no opportunities. In our mindset, we argue that these people have refused to work hard.  During the recent economic downturn, it was revealed that seven people are competing against one job opportunity. So where do the rest of the six go? The problem is not that they do not want to work but there are no jobs.

Leaders are elected every election period, but what change comes in. Individuals view what they have as their effort. With this kind of mindset, self-interest sets in. Our leaders view their positions as their efforts and work to benefit them. Instead of creating opportunities for all, they amass wealth in the name of protecting their future.

From another angle, many unemployed American is still poor. Our economic structures have made it impossible for real wages to increase. When labor demand exceeds supply, this is deemed to happen. People are so desperate to get a job such that they do not consider the wages. The big corporations employ many people who work five days a week. These workers make huge profits for the corporations but the profits ends up with the a few. The decision of how the profits are lies with the few who control these corporations.

Nevertheless, the greatest problem is that the class remains a repressed discourse. Many Americans insist that we are all in the middle class. This is an assumption that the class differences such as power, wealth, and corporate structures do not exist or do not mater.  Most of these people survive on their income for life. This is an inequality that we as Americans have to face given that 10% of the own 83% of the financial wealth.  The problem lies in our social and economic structures.

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