Financial fraud crimes

This mainly involves employees changing financial data prior to entry hence false data. It also entails erasing stored data. Dishonest employees may change or destroy unapproved transactions which are not easy to detect. This kind of financial fraud leads to loss to the main party involved hence benefits the latter (Reurink, 2018).

Cyber terrorism

This is an act of crime committed via usage of internet system resources leading to blackmailing of a given party. Government agencies individual specialist have shown high increment in internet constraints and server alterations. There is an alarming concern mainly in government bodies; Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is a portion of well-ordered cyber-terrorist (Taylor, et al 2019).


The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has seen that the internet system has increasingly been a national problem since 2007, reportedly by Russian hackers. In 2008, Russia same case conducted research on cyber-attacks, and concluded that it was coordinated and harmonized with non-kinetic and kinetic campaign counter to the state of Georgia (Chandra et al 2019).

The computer as a tool

Mainly when the individual criminal is the cybercrime target, the computer becomes the tool and not the goal. These kinds of crimes do not need high technical expertise. The victims use the computer as a tool to increase their efforts to crime and to make them harder to be traced. The computer sites which advance the crimes are spam, information warfare, identity theft and phishing scams (Xieet al.,2018).

Cyber extortion

This occurs when a site of the internet such as; computer system or e-mail server is threatened with or subjected to repeated disagreement with the service by malicious hackers. These hackers claim money in reoccurrence for gifting to sojourn the attacks. Permitting to the FBI, cybercrime extortionists in most cases attack networks and corporate websites, crippling the owner’s ability to control and demanding disbursements to reestablish their service. Over 20 circumstances are conveyed every month toward the FBI, and numerous go uncovered to retain the victim’s title away of the public domain (Peterset al., 2018).



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