Classroom Observation Video Review

Classroom Observation Video Review

The classroom was full of students with different characters, and it had to take a teacher with a strong spirit and right attitude to handle them. Mr. Jonathan Young portrayed his knowledge of how well he knew his students. His performance was pretty good; He preoccupied all the students with questions, and this made the entire class participate. Second, he responded to the students questions and rarely neglected any of them. Thirdly, he handled all the students to their strength; for example, at a point in class, he was patient to help a young man who could not understand what to do (Morgan, 1 min). Besides, he could explain well to each student with the language they understood for them to interpret what they were supposed to write and did not let any student off the hook until they grabbed the concept.

The students had a fair performance in terms of their participation or engagement in the class. Though they took a bit longer to settle down, many had the eager to learn and help their friends to be on the same boat (Morgan, 4 sec). They asked for help from the teacher, and others wanted to share their answers with the class. The teacher regarding their problems helped those who could not understand. With time some student lost concentration, but the teacher was pretty good by keeping them always participating through questions. The students were learning how to define their characters, their prominent characteristics and how they could write their roles in a thesis statement.



Classroom Observation Record



Grade Level:



Teachers Components

  1. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport.
  2. Communicating Clearly and Accurately.
  3. Establishing a Culture for Learning.
  4. Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques.
  5. Managing Classroom Procedures.
  6. Engaging Students in Learning.
  7. Managing Student Behavior.
  8. Providing Feedback to Students.
  9. Organizing Physical Space.
  10. Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness.


In my observation, I realized some instruction strength possessed by Mr. Jonathan Young. First, was the inquiry-based instruction method which he mostly used, he posed provoking questions that inspired the students to become more independent learners for they had to think for themselves to acquire solutions. Second, the behavior management method, he used the point system method in his class to monitor the students’ behaviors. If the students did not behave well, he would subtract points from their class grades and would award points to those who participated or tried.

The areas of concern in his class were some small negative behaviors by some of his students. Some students looked unconcerned with what was being taught, and I could see some chatting stories that seemed off class. The other area of concern is that the student also took time to settle down and there was a lot of movement during class, leading to time wastage. The final concern was some bad class habits, and some students were chewing gum, eating sweats and wearing caps while the class was in progress.

Things are some of the things I would like to address to Mr. Jonathan that he can improve after all my observation in his class. First, he should try the cooperative method in his class where he encourages his students with different abilities to work together through small groups to make each other understand, and this in return will enhance the student’s communication skills and self-confidence as they respond to each other (Danielson 1). Last but not least, the differentiation method, this is where the teacher allocates tasks to students based on their different abilities and understanding ensuring no one is off the hook. Here, the students with high academic capabilities can help or support those that are struggling in class work.


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