Climate Change and CTE Questions

Climate Change and CTE Questions

Question 1

Many people across America and the rest of the world do not put more emphasis on climate change. The effects of the changes can already be felt with temperatures in some regions soaring to higher degrees. The hurricanes and earthquakes across the American coastline and China are also a perfect example (Field, 2014).  The changes have even made it difficult for weather forecasters to perfectly predict climate conditions; hence, environmental hazards have caught many people unawares.

Americans need to understand that climate change is a global issue and it needs the participation of everyone to minimize its negative impacts. If the citizens will not offer adequate cooperation required, climate change threatens national security and stability. It will become difficult for the military leaders and NGOs to be able to offer humanitarian support or aid to the affected people due to extremely poor weather conditions. The Americans must be able to detect these risks and start as early as possible to engage each other to come up with the best solutions. The adverse weather conditions are also driving away some species from one part of the country to the other. Additionally, scientists across the US have recently discovered that people are the major cause of climate change. As such, human activities such as the burning of fossil fuel releases a lot of waste gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere hence damaging it. Forests provided a natural way through which carbon dioxide is reabsorbed back from the atmosphere. However, deforestation has increased due to the high demand for timber by building companies across the US. This has resulted in an increased amount of greenhouse gases, thus, destroying the ozone layer.



Question 2

Career Technical Education (CTE) is a type of education practiced in learning institutions that equips students regardless of their age with both technical and academic knowledge and skills that are essential for a successful career and life. It prepares students both mentally and physically by introducing them to real workplace conditions. The academic content is easily accessed by students through hands-on experience (Gordon, 2014). The United States has experienced a high rate of graduates in career technical education in recent years. CTE has been used to improve traditional education by guaranteeing that students no longer drop out of high schools.

However, many experts have doubted the capability of CTE to prepare students for advanced studies in universities and colleges as compared to traditional high school education (Wagneret al. 2016).In America, it is believed that CTE has reduced the quality of education; hence, producing students who cannot handle technical college courses. However, experts have refuted this conspiracy and argue that CTE has increased the problem-solving skills of high school students, hence, making it easy to manage themselves during college education. There is also a smooth transition of students from high school to college because logical progression of course work is created by both employers and the school. Finally, CTE has generally improved high school education through well-elaborate academics, which strengthen the career path.




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