Clinical Experience Personal Statement

Clinical Experience Personal Statement

My passion for linking clinical experience with research began some years ago. My appreciation for research has grown significantly over the years between the period I was in the second year of internship back at home in Saudi Arabia and today. One of my strengths as a medical practitioner is the passion for attending to my patients, not because my job demands so, but for the fulfillment, I receive when I solve a medical problem. However, I have come to realize that I need intellectual stimulation that is generated by research to analyze and resolve complex clinical issues. Consequently, I intend to conduct clinical research that reflects on the population from my country and add to the existing literature particularly in the field of Multiple Sclerosis. In this way, I believe I will add to evidence-based practice in most clinical settings in the world that specialize in the treatment of multiple sclerosis by providing a platform for benchmarking and reference when treating the disease.

My short term goal is to acquire basic clinical knowledge required to handle patients who have multiple sclerosis. To achieve this, I have enrolled in a program where I am currently a second-year neuro-immunology fellow at the Mayo Clinic, Neurology Center for Multiple Sclerosis. I completed my medical school in Saudi Arabia in 2010 and Saudi Board of Neurology in 2015. Over the past year, I have accumulated significant clinical knowledge, skills, and experience. Besides, I have participated in a few projects, which have sharpened my skills in the field of neuroimmunology. Additionally, I have had the chance to work with a few physicians who have completed CRSP. In this way, I have been able to acquire a basic understanding. However, I have come to realize that I need more in-depth knowledge of clinical research.

My long term goal is to supplement my clinical training with an academic pursuit by applying for a Master’s degree in Clinical Research at Scranton University. This will allow me to engage in research projects, which will expand my understanding of multiple sclerosis, and help me devise better ways of dealing with the disease. I want to develop research-based approaches, which will be more time and cost effective to the affected patients, their families, and physicians. My experience in research began during my internship in 2011. I conducted a cohort study with two other colleagues using minimal resources. Surprisingly, our findings were presented to various stakeholders in multiple conferences including the Annual American Academy of Neurology meeting.

Additionally, the study and was published in some of the reputable medical journals such as the Journal of Neurological Sciences even though we used limited resources to conduct the research. I believe that with relevant and adequate knowledge in research coupled with sufficient resources, I can conduct studies that can be resourceful in the field of neuroimmunology. Currently, I’m planning to start my fellowship research project, which will be about the impact of smoking on the brain atrophy in patients with multiple sclerosis. CRSP program will help me with my project and will provide me with the solid foundation to plan and implement clinical research projects, analyze, interpret and present clinical research data.

Attached is my resume with relevant information required for admission and completion of the Master’s program.

I will appreciate when given an opportunity to build my skills and knowledge towards becoming a competent physician and researcher — looking forward to hear from you and become a member of your institution.

Yours Faithfully