Clothing Comfort

The triad mainly characterises clothing comfort judgment. The triad is made up of the person, the clothing, and the environment. Physical dimension, social- psychological dimension triad and physiological/ perceptual responses are all elements of the triads that are used to make the judgment on clothing comfort. This model uses the physical and the social- psychological dimensions as a structure used to categorise the three characteristics of the triad. This structure is critical in measurement since it immediately shows the gaps in the measurement techniques. Clothing comfort thus shows attributes of a true Gestalt where each part as an influence and in turn each other piece influences it.

Physical dimension is one of the attributes used in clothing comfort judgment. Most of them are familiar elements and are considered as variables since they can be measured. The personal qualities of this dimension include the sex of the person wearing the cloth, age, race, weight, height and many others. The clothing attribute, on the other hand, include the type of fabric, fibre content, structure of the fibre, colour, finishes and many others. The environmental attributes involve temperature, pressure, the velocity of the wind among others. All these attributes are the physical dimensions that determine the comfort of cloth.

The social psychological dimension also has attributes basing on the triad. The person attributes include personality, self-concept, values. The clothing attributes are made up of aesthetics, style, fashionability and many others while the environmental characteristics include occasion, social norms, reference group and cultural patterns.

The physiological/ perceptual responses are the other major component of this model. It includes the perceptual and physiological responses shown in reaction to the interaction between some of the psychological attributes and the physical of the triad in a particular context.

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