Description of the company

Coca-cola company, is an American company, manufacturers, a retailer and as well as the marketer of non-alcoholic beverages concentrates and syrups. It was first stated in 1886 by the pharmacist by the name John Stith Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The term coca cola company came from two coca leaves and kola nuts( Deal, 2018). The company is known to be among the largest company in the whole world that produces non-alcoholic drinks. The drinks of the coca cola have been on high demand since they were manufactured to date although the company has close competitors like Pepsi it still produces the best to retain its proper position and its name.

Products and services of the company

The company has more than 500 brands of the drinks that it supplies to over 200 countries. The products of the company are packed in all size, big, medium and small as well. They are also wrapped in either bottles or glasses. Some of the products of the coca cola company include Fanta, sprite, oasis, water among many other products of the company. For instance, the coca cola in Australia sells and distribute the drinks and the food products of coca cola. The distribution of the products of coca cola company is divided into two segments that are: the portion of the beverages and the parts of the food and services where it distributes packed fruits, vegetables and jams and many more products.

Current status of coca-cola company using data

Due to the famous name of the coca cola company and the best beverages that the company sell it has made the company to be ranked the best beverages company in the whole world. It has been successfully maintained its position despite its close competitors due to its best management and the excellent relationship it has with its customers. Having been the best company the research shows that it also uses many billion dollars in maintaining the company. In 2017, the company employed approximately 69.73 billion dollars in branding their products. It means that as the years going on the company spend more which. As a result, they also get more. According to the current report of the coca cola company, it shows that the company is operating the revenue of 41.86 billion  United State Dollars. When comparing what the various company of the coca cola company are getting annually, the research shows that the Coca-cola company of North America has the highest percentage of 15.4 percentage of the revenue that is contributed globally. The products that are leading in bringing back more revenue is the drink of Coca-cola, Diet coke, sprite and the Fanta as well. In the year 2017, the company spent 66 billion dollars in branding.

                                    Determine the organisational change

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that nothing is permanent apart from the move. By him quoting that the men that difference is the centre of the universe. The quote explains merely the importance of managing the change that occurs in both human being and the organisational as well. In every change that occurs it essential that we learn to cope with each stage that takes place. The coca cola company it needs to change as well as adopting the dynamic strategies of survival to enable it to stay lively in political,  social, economic and environment as well.The surrounding factors of the company present in the nature experience they change on the continuity bases. When managing the changes in the company, the company needs to apply the strategies that will help the employees to cope with those changes. The purpose of this change is to describe the importance of the difference in the management for organisational to attain its objectives and motives as well. However, for the changes in the coca cola company to be successful, it needs the stakeholders, the management, the employees and customers to cooperate well to avoid the change that may occur in the company not to affect them and instead be a success in the company.

factors that contribute to change in the organisational change

            Among the factors that contribute to the regulatory changes in the coca cola company includes internal and external factors.  Corporate changes in internal occurred when the company decided to add more employees and hence increasing more production of the company. In external changes happens when the company decides to create more branches outside the United States and thus creating more chances of generating more revenue. Technological factors also contribute a lot in the organisational element change this is because as the technology advances, even coca cola company get a chance of advertising their products where they sell their products more (Greenhalgh,2019). Changes of leadership contribute to organisational change especially when the company chooses the most experienced people to be the leaders who bring an impact to the company.

The effectiveness of organisational change

After the coca cola company experiencing the changes, the following are the effects that developed as a result of the changes.

The company was now able to open more branches. There was a reason for creating more coca cola company in many countries since the population were also many and therefore demanding for more products.

High demand in the market. The current order of the products is tall as compared to the early days where many people were not aware of the products of the coca cola company.

Improved skills to the workers. Experience is gained through training and meetings of the company.

Improved employees attitude and morale, Employees are trained on how to behave whenever they are working.

Better access to technology. The recent change has made the company to freely access the internet hence having a small time to advertise their products.

The strong relationship with the customers.As the changes take place also the company develop new ways of treating their customers.


Advantages of the coca cola company

Creation of employment: The company has been of great help to many people in creating jobs opportunities to many employees who could be practising the use of drugs and other immoral things.

Improved standard of living. After been offered a job, the lives of the employees have changed from poor lives to a better standard of living. As a result, many employees can cater to their basic needs in the house as well as having some money to save for future use.

Making more profit: More products are sold by the company hence causing it to have a considerable advantage.

Competitive advantage: The company has all the reason to compete with other companies where it always remains the best company always.

Good name and the availability of products: Many people usually buy the drinks of the coca cola company due to the proper name it has maintained since it was formed.

The already market: The availability of exchange is always available due to the high demand of the drinks of the coca cola company which are highly demanded all over the world.

Media preference: As compared to other drinks that are advertised on social media, the products of the coca cola company usually have more followers. It signifies that they also use beverages of the coca cola in high quality hence making the company to meet its goals as well as producing the bottles that are always preferred drinks to use all the time( Serodio et al.,2016).

Disadvantages of the coca cola company

Other thank the coca cola company being named as the best company among other companies, the company also has a negative part of it. Following are the demerits of the coca cola company concerning their drinks

High Sugar Content

Weight Gain

Calcium Depletion

Alternatives to Soda



Recommendation for any areas need to improve and defend your reasoning

Although the company is selling more than 500 drinks to over 200 countries, I would suggest that the company should introduce other new products because their competitors might use that chance to bring different other than made in the coca cola company hence making more customers prefer using their products. Also since the company is potential of adding more branches, it should ensure that in all the countries in the whole world there is a coca cola company to bring the awareness to the people who had no ideas about the drinks. Finally, the company should make the use of social media always to advertise their products since many people all over the world can now access technology.


The company has been named as the best company in the whole world there it means that it creates more chances of jobs opportunities. The reason as to why the company has been able to retain its good name for a long duration it is because of the right products that are making and the excellent services the customers receive from them.  However, the company also faces challenges such as .competition from their competitor, some people having a fear that the drinks are more sugary which in return can cause other problems. Coca-cola company has the most preferred drinks in the whole world.



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