Collaboration and Speed of Change

Collaboration and Speed of Change

Carolina Reyes is one of the administrators, and she is the director of the curriculum. Carolina Reyes considers the building as the top priority because it will improve the productivity of the students.  Such a move by the director of the curriculum is a positive one; however, she also has negative thoughts about the anti-bullying program. From such scenario, Carolina Reyes facilitation skills were not effective. As an administrator, she needs to control and manage one’s property and also support other initiatives. She would have given support to the anti-bullying program since it will also improve the productivity of the students.

A leader should have the ability to lead effectively (Getha-Taylor, Fowles, Silvia, & Merritt, 2015). The Superintendent and the principal in this scenario portray the leadership skills of problem-solving. They have a problem of implementing the anti-bullying program, and they are working hard to solve that problem. Also, one can observe delegation skills in this scenario. The state board of education has delegated duties to the school, and they should comply by implementing the anti-bullying project. Therefore, this is regarded as a form of responsibility and a taste of leadership (Mikkelson, York, & Arritola, 2015). The administrator did not demonstrate a positive disposition since she was against the implementation of the anti-bullying program recommended by the state board of education. She was acting for self-interest in that she only wanted the school to repair the building.

The issue at hand is about restoring the building and implementing the anti-bullying program. As a Superintendent, I will demonstrate empathy by understanding how my team members feel. The team consists of people with different opinions. Besides, as a task-oriented leader, I will focus on getting both projects done by giving my team a chance of suggesting possible ways to fund the project. Also, I will communicate effectively to my team about the importance of the anti-bullying program and why it is mandatory for the school to have it.



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