College Admissions Essays for the UMKC BA/MD Program

College Admissions Essays for the UMKC BA/MD Program

Essay Prompt 1

Inspirations are essential in life since focused individuals would always want to make a difference in life. Unfortunately, some people would not devote their time and resources to achieve their goals. According to Robert Monroe, the afterlife or reincarnation provides people with several options. I would say that I was lucky to have explored all in my current life. During my early years in the middle school, I developed the passion for becoming a self-reliant businessperson. Similarly, I had the desire to become part of the figure skating team because they are sensational. Moreover, some of the breathtaking activities I have enjoyed include Power Puff, cello, Spanish, NaNoWriMo and backyard science experiments.

During the Golden President’s Service Award, I took a volunteering position at the Alzheimer’s care unit. The urge to help people made me develop a special bond with Mrs. Whitaker, an Alzheimer’s patient in the health care unit. I witnessed Mrs. Whitaker endure suffering from Alzheimer’s pinprick. Her life was deteriorating, and I had to appreciate the importance of becoming a physician. Unfortunately, she passed away, and that is when I had to let my emotions overcome me. One month later, I encountered another nightmare. I received the news that my grandfather had died of a malignant tumor. My life changing experience did not stop from there. My visit to the blind orphanage, bad memories on Mrs. Whitaker’s sufferings, my grandpa’s death all motivated me to focus on my goals that would benefit and enhance the lives of individuals in the society. The incidences prompted my desire to pursue medicine.

I will consider medicine as an elusive creature. Besides, my pursuit of the career has been an odyssey. I have had the idea in visions, nightmarish and happiness. I got inspired to pursue medicine after I realized that my performance in Biology and AP Psychology was excellent. I developed a better understanding of what I needed in life. Similarly, the topics on neurogenesis and 3D organ printing during the TEDx talk shows were outstanding. My love for Bollywood culture escalated due to the tremendous performances from my heroes, Dr. Martin and Dr. House. Although the medical profession encompasses ethical, emotional, intellectual and physical challenges, the dynamic career being created is rewarding.

The reason I chose UMK 6-year Med program is that it will offer me a direct path to becoming a professional physician. Since physicians provide the most critical help, I would love to realize my dream of helping the society by pursuing medicine.

Essay Prompt 2

Despite the fact that I was a certified attorney for restorative justice system after excelling in my bar exam, I could not handle the agitation for my first case. Being conversant with court etiquettes are necessary in any case, and that is why I was keen to prepare my client. Unfortunately, I bit my lip in vexation after seeing the teen arriving in sweatpants and a hoodie. I became powerless, and I had no other option other than attending the court proceedings. Inside the courtroom, the environment was fascinating and from the way, things were moving, one could point out the victory on our side. It was until the defendant provided his side of the story that I realized we are likely to lose the trial. The teen portrayed unintelligent mutter that was unpleasant to the jury. It was unfortunate that I lost my first case.

After a few days, I had to schedule a meeting with the teen. Although I was crestfallen with what happened, I had to take heart. Similarly, the consequence of losing the trial was that the teen would have an obligation to perform a sixty hour of community service. In addition, if he fails to perform as required by the court, there would be a mark on his permanent record. The teen responded quickly making me to think that he was on alert in case I had to call him. Being my client, I had to organize for varied volunteering activities most of which I accompanied him to make sure that a good job was underway. The community services were an inspiration to the teen. He was able to change his perception of the world. From his statements, he even excelled in school whereby he earned his first ‘B.’ Currently, the teen spends his free hours in community outreach activities, and I could proudly say that I have emerged victorious on my first case.

Since my first case, I have engaged in several successful cases. The only thing that drove me was the desire to make a positive influence. Besides, what I could remember from the first case was that our lives are full of impediments, and we will overcome them by working extra hard. Even though I helped the teen in the way I had not expected, I still realized my ultimate goal.

Essay Prompt 3

People react differently to the various challenging life experiences. For my case, I respond to such situations with a flood of strong emotions. Besides, it reaches a time you have to adapt to the stressful conditions by accepting the change as part of life. It requires taking decisive actions. For instance, few people have witnessed their beloved ones meet their end. The scenario happened with me. I stared into Death’s eyes while holding my grandfather’s hands in his final moments after suffering for a long time. It was a shocking situation because my grandfather was maintaining a direct contact with us. I have been passionate in my entire life to the extent that I get positive compliments from my allies. They all say that my portrayal of the life makes everyone lighthearted. I once ruptured my ankle while playing basketball. I have been on tight deadlines and plenty of work, but I have never let my emotions overcome me.

After the cremation of my grandfather, my perception of life changed. What I saw in my small hometown was emotional. My grandfather’s posts were hanging everywhere on the streets of the town. Besides, the society was mourning the death of an intelligent and caring person. He was a mere a car driver who grew to be an influential entrepreneur. The once dilapidated south Indian village nourished due to his financial assistance to small entrepreneurs, building of schools, temples, and hospitals. Precisely, the society regarded my grandfather as a legend.

For more than a month, I have been in a difficult situation. My school performance was terrible. I had to stay indoor; however, with my focus, I knew I had to make a definite and concrete decision. After all the traumatic events, I finally realized a mechanism that would help me overcome all my impediments. I continued to provide my volunteering services at the available local assisted living. With my love, kindness, and care, I was able to meet several grandfathers. Currently, I can only imagine the amazing moments that I had with my grandfather.

Essay Prompt 4

One of the sentiments that left me startled was from TEDx coordinator. Precisely, he said that we should anticipate thousands of youths. We have three months and no budget to involve the young generation at the sustainability event. Being a freshman and two months old in the TEDxMileHigh youth board, I considered my obligations increasingly onerous. The working environment demanded a lot of determination. I had no excuse to get upset because all I wanted was to ensure I attain my ultimate goals. I engaged in many activities, and they included the following. I had to create an astounding sustainability web page and include homemade videos. I made use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr as my sustainability campaign to help disseminate information about the event and raise funds.

The TEDx talk event we hosted was fascinating. The happening was at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and the turnover from the people was exceptional. Precisely, my seed-tree exhibition involved over two thousand youths. It was amazing to host such an event, and this vividly depicts the influence of social media platforms. From my exhibition, even if approximately half of the young’uns participated in planting seed tree, it would neutralize the event’s carbon emissions.  Due to the successfulness of my social media marketing campaign and the seed tree exhibition, I got a promotion to head the sustainability marketing team.

In the following year, I had to make use of my social media platform to market our monumental event that we were about to launch. Festivus Maximus was the name of the event, and it was held at Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. The event encompassed my make-believe origami. It was incredible that I received an ultimate accolade of my exhibition. Moreover, I was privileged to get an elevation in my career, and I became the Chief of Staff for the TEDDx youth board. The advancements I received have contributed a lot to my desire to build a sustainable future in partnership with TEDx.


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