(Solved) Comm Health Nursing – informatics

(Solved) Comm Health Nursing – informatics

Writing Assignment – Comm Health Nursing
You are working as an RN in the county health department. You have been newly assigned as the first telenurse for the clinic outpatients. Your writing assignment must discuss the following concepts:
1. What is your role as a telenurse?
2. What telehealth tools will you be using?
3. What are the clinical and nonclinical uses you will be applying?
4. What types of patients will you be using telehealth for?
5. What are the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that you must consider in using telehealth?
6. Apply the Foundation of Knowledge Model to your work as a telehealth.

Support your responses from the literature, using at least 2 peer reviewed references, of no more than 5 years of age. Your textbook is a good source of information and can be cited and referenced, but it does not count as a peer reviewed source. Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, not counting title page and reference page.
Follow APA formatting, at least 2 sources, no older that 5 years., you can have more sources that are older, just make sure there are 2 no more that 5 y old.




Role as a Telenurse

Telenursing is the use of various technological tools to deliver effective nursing care. The role of a telenurse is to use technological solutions to plan, assess, intervene and evaluate the outcomes of the care provided. While technology changes the medium of delivery of nursing care, the scope of practice and the nursing process remain the same. The difference is that the Telenurse requires the appropriate competencies to use the different technological tools and equipment. The application of technology in nursing care does not change the standard of care or the scope of practice which indicates that the role of the nurse does not change rather the role of the telenurse is to use technology to overcome some of the practice challenges such as patient adherence and compliance issues, lack of access to quality healthcare and shortage of nurses. While these challenges hinder the quality of care, the role of the Telenurse is to use technology to create solutions to challenges that hinder the provision of quality care.

Telehealth tools

There are several telehealth tools that I will be using. One of the major tools is telecommunications tools. These are tools used to communicate over a distance (Neville, 2018). For patient consultations, I will be using

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