Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Charley and Joe are expressing genuine concerns. They are dissatisfied with the fact that Delta General has narrowed down all forms of communication to emails. While emails are a quick and efficient way of delivering information, they are not suitable for other functions such as resolving conflicts. As a result, over-relying on emails means that other important issues in this company such as internal conflicts are being overlooked. As a result, the working environment is no longer conducive leading to complains such as the one being raised by Charley.

As a consultant, I would urge the managing director to develop a multi-dimensional communication strategy that incorporates different forms of communication. This strategy should be designed in such a way that it incorporates various communication channels such as electronic media such as emails, written communication such as memos and above all face to face communication such as meetings. The bottom line is to understand that each employee has a different preference when it comes to communication. Therefore, a communication strategy should be made to accommodate each person’s communication preferences. Furthermore, the subject determines which form of communication is most appropriate for a given situation. For instance, an email is efficient as a way of delivering documents to colleagues at work. However, it would be inefficient as a method of sharing ideas or resolving conflicts which require face to face interaction.

Generally, the essence of a communication strategy is to ensure that all forms of communication ranging from written, electronic and face to face communication are utilized. Each of them comes with its advantages, and the organization should seek to gain from each.

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