Communication and Job Satisfaction

  • Describe a time when your job satisfaction was impacted by communication.

Employee job satisfaction refers to the feeling of being contented with one’s job. A person will feel satisfied after fulfilling a need or expectation (Downs, & Adrian, 2012). In every organization, communication is critical in ensuring health relationship between the subordinates and the superiors. There was a scenario in one of the leading supermarkets in the country, whereby a friend of mine who is an accountant was positively affected by communication and the situation in the workplace influenced his job satisfaction. It was the time when he was promoted to be a senior account. He was promoted because of being a good team leader and could handle various challenges in the organization. The promotion was communicated well during the meeting, and no employee felt that he was favored. His superiors always showed positive facial and vocal expression to everyone and ensured a sense of fairness when conducting business. There was a clear communication between them, and the management was able to share the success with the staff.

  • What were the circumstances that caused a change in satisfaction? Where do you think the issues were in the communication process itself?

The change in satisfaction came as a result of less confusion among the employee. When an organization lacks communication, then there will be confusion between the staff and the management. The staffs need direction and understanding of their responsibilities, and they will only get that when they are communicated well. This will increase their job satisfaction. Second, the sense of fairness in the organization caused the change in satisfaction. When the employees feel that the management treats them fairly by sharing the success of the company with everyone, then they will develop a sense of job satisfaction. The issues in question were in the decoding stage of communication. The receiver of the information which is the employee used his knowledge to analyze the message and responded well since he was satisfied with fairness in communication and fewer cases of confusion in the workplace.



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