Question One

I can define communication as being an avoidable and importantprocess that allows for the sharing of ideas and interpersonal connection.  It plays an essential role in workplace settings, career growth, and social interactions.  Persons with good communication skills often find it easy to express their opinions. However, weak communicators lack emotional intelligence and often register conflicts with other persons.  Despite the role of communication, many people do not recognize its importance or the principles that guide the processes.

What looks effortless and simple to many people requires training and strict adherence to the set principle. The principle that communication is unavoidableimpliesthat many of the life activities and interactions are based on interpersonal skills.  Moreover, the inability to communicate means that one would find it hard to express ideas and opinionsthus is sidelined in social activities.  The other principle is communication is strategic and requires the correct arrangement of messages as a way of minimizingthe chances of unintended messages.

Both instrumentaland relationcommunication facilitate the expressing of ideas and the delivery of results. An example is that relational communicationillustrates ways that people view others.  The other connect is identity management and relates to the presentation of oneself to other people.  Identity management stresses the role of self-awareness and recognition of diverseperspectives.

Question Two

My description confers to the concepts pointed out in the texts. The texts indicate that there is a need to determine some of the factors that disrupt communicationprocesses. It addresses issues such as semantic barriers and cultural factors. In my description, I have equally covered self-awareness, communication principles, and disruptive element preconceptions.  In the self-awareness implies that there is the ability to analyze the world in the eyes of other people.

Likewise, the understanding that communication is irreversible places the need to be critical of what is passed to other parties. Before uttering any words, it is advisable to determine the impacts they would have on other people.  Based on myinteractions, I recognized that communication is a process and vulnerable to many disruptions. Environmental, physiological and psychological factors are some of the disruptions that may limit the understanding of the messages being conveyed.

Similar to the contents of the text, there is a focus on the role that communication plays in an individual’s life.  It is painted as being unavoidable and calls for improved cultural awareness levels and respecting the values of other people. The text further recommends some of the approaches that can be used to counter the impacts of disruptivefactors.  While environmental factors can be addressed by moving away from noisy areas, psychological factors can be solved by having an open as opposed to preconceptions.

Question Three

Despite the similarities with the text, I feel that my description di not focus on the channels of communication and ways that they contribute to the smooth sharing of information. The text indicates that factorssuch as richness control and speed determine the most effectivechannel of communication. In cases where one intends to collect diverse and abundant information, it isrecommendable to use synchronous communication such as face to face interactions.

The approach has no lag in the transmission of messages and further allows for personal connections. While I offered a description that communication entails the sharing of ideas, I never wholly described the processes as it is the case with the text. The texts explain that encoding, transmission, and decoding make up the communication processes. There is also the indication that semantic and cultural factors may disrupt the decoding messages.  The text argues that the adoption of a diverse perspective can help deal with cultural barriers.

Question Four

The text improved my understanding of the role, principles, and channels of communication. It highlights instances when it is advisable to use asynchronous and synchronous communication.   While synchronous communication can be used in settings where control is required, asynchronous communication can be used in requests that are not urgent. The understanding of ‘noises’ that disrupt communication implies that I am in a better position to communicate with diverse people. In the past, I have found it challenging to communicate with persons from different backgrounds.

During interaction with diverse people, bias stereotypes, fear and preconceptionsmay affect the interaction processes. The text explains that stereotypes and bias are linked to the lack of self-awareness and understanding of the traditions and values of other people. The article infers that respecting the values and opinions of diverse people help deal with conflicts. The knowledge that communication is both strategic and irreversible created the realization that adequate planning is critical before any communication processes. The planning process begins with the identification of the communication goals, the channels to be used and the possible barriers.

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