Community Culture Plan

Cultural Plan Executive Summary

My classroom is made up of various ethnic groups including whites, African-Americans and Hispanics. However, the most dominant of the three are the Hispanics. There have been cultural conflicts between students in the classroom. This cultural diversity ranges from behavioral, social and economic. This paper shows a community culture plan for various diversities in the district/school which is Hispanic dominated.

Community Cultures Represented in the Community

My community is faced with the ethnic diversity of three communities including Hispanics, African-American and whites. The most dominant ethnic group is Hispanics followed by African-Americans and the Whites. Hispanics are the Hispanic affiliated individuals who speak Spanish or have roots affiliated to Spain, and lives in foreign countries such as the United States. American-Americans are the black American whose roots are from the African continent while the whites are the pure Americans. There are various cultural conflicts as a result of cultural diversity in both my area and classroom.

Language is the First Varying Culture

In my school, the three ethnic languages rock the air. Every ethnic group tries to speak theirs which creates enmity and leads to unhealthy competition. The teachers and lecturers mostly have pronunciations which have been influenced by their respective mother languages; hence passing information might be cumbersome. In the community level, it proves a bit difficult to access services from medical facilities with doctors who have got the accent from their respective ethnic languages.


Another Varying Culture is the Religion

Every ethnic group has got their own religious belief from their background. For instance, most of the African-Americans have traditional beliefs and worship in shrines, while the whites believe in Christianity and worship in churches. On the other side, Hispanics believe in God; however, both Hispanics and whites attend different services as they preach in Spanish and English respectively. This creates a cultural divide between the three ethnic groups as every group attends their language affiliated churches. The division creates a sense of division and may escalate wars and conflicts as each community views the other party as a completely different party. In my district, religious beliefs have highly influenced businesses in various ways. For instance, some people perceive pig meat as illegal and should not be fed while others have no religious issues with it. Therefore, a pork butchery is expected to experience mixed reactions.

Food diversity is another varying culture

There are various foods affiliated to each of the three ethnic communities. These create difficulties in planning and budgeting for our school feeding programs. Some of the meals are unbearable to some students depending on their ethnic background.

Attire is another Varying culture

In my community, there are various cultures which constantly conflict from the rest of ethnic groups. Some attires may seem appropriate to one tribe but an outcast to others. For instance, African-American refers long and decent attire while both Hispanics and whites prefer short clothes. This causes conflict between African-Americans and the rest of the ethnic groups as they view short dresses as moral decadence.

Cultural Plan on how to Support Various Cultures in My District

Since there has been a lot of violence in both my district and school due to cultural diversity, there are various. Resources such as security should be deployed within my district as soon as possible to enhance peace between Hispanics, African-American and whites. The security should also be deployed in my school for the same reason. The security personnel should ensure that everybody’s rights, especially to religion, are respected and not interfered with.

The community leaders should encourage intermarriages to facilitate culture merging (Doan & Petra 11). The conflicts will be reduced as intermarriages promote peace and respect of each other’s’ cultures. Intermarriages shall promote good morals of attire within communities and promote business growth.

More budgeting should be allocated to my school by the government. The financial resources shall provide enough capital in the school to satisfy everybody’s cultural demands such as food. Financial constraints are the primary reason for conflicts; hence its elimination as well decreases conflicts.


As displayed above, these cultural diversities have caused a lot of conflicts. Therefore, these cultural conflicts should be eradicated through various ways and implementing the plans I have listed above.  If possible, these plans and resources should be allocated as soon as possible. I would propose that they should be implemented within the next three months.

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