(Solved) Community Health \Nursing – part 2 the plan

(Solved) Community Health \Nursing – part 2 the plan

Course Project Part II

Discussing your plan with your primary partner.

Your paper, in APA format, will serve as a guide in discussing  your plan with your potential community partner(s). Do not use bullets, avoid third person, and use first person only when the sentence would be confusing as to who is speaking. Example: “Included in my plan would be…” The better statement would be “The plan includes…”

This part of the project will be the script you will use to discuss your goal for the community with your partner(s). You must make an attempt to contact your partner and secure confirmation of the communication. Example: If the communication is via email, print the response from your partner and submit to your academic coach via email. There is no grade attached to the communication part of the project.

Use proper APA formatting and use headings to organize your paper (refer to page 62 of the APA manual). Your paper should be 2 – 5 pages in length.

  1. Briefly, why are you contacting this person? (Identify yourself and your purpose)
  2.  A synopsis of your community assessment.
  3. Discuss your priority health risk/hazard.
  4. Describe the plan for resolving the community’s health risk/hazard priority (detail goals and activities).
  • Which of your listed assets do you think would best meet the needs of the nursing plan for the community? Why?
  • Which of your potential partners do you think would be best suited to the nursing plan for the community? Why?
  • Does your potential partner own the needed assets? If not, what other potential partners could be contacted? (It is not necessary that all assets come from one potential partner i.e., space from one, paper for fliers from another, etc.).  However, it does mean that the community health nurse may have to contact other potential partners to fill-in the gaps.
  1. State your thoughts of where this partner fits into the plan. Present this part in a positive light and with honesty; youwant their help.
  2. Elicit their thoughts and suggestions.




I am contacting a kindergarten teacher, Kimmie Peay, BSN, who has worked at James M. Brown Elem School for over 12 years.  She will be the contact/resource.  I am contacting her to see there are any current programs/outreaches in place that revolve around healthy eating habits.  She has already informed me that there are workshops which teachers are trying to get off the ground involving parents. The driving point of these workshops is that “It all starts at Home”.  I have also reached out to the local grocery store “Ingles” to possibly conduct an educational tour of the grocery store. While this idea sounds insignificant to the major goal, these young kids only know what their parents teach them about food choices at home and the grocery store.  Local store tours will include taste tests of new fresh produce, discussing how to shop for a variety, shop for color. Always shop on the outside aisles first because that is where the fresh and unprocessed foods are placed.


Seneca, located in Oconee County South Carolina, had a population of 8,479 by July 2018. The population is diverse both interims of ethnic background and age with the major racial group being whites at 63.5%. The population is predominantly

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