Community Mapping Final

Community Mapping Final

School Demographics

The school which I underwent is known as Irvine, CA and it is located in Orange County. The school ethnic make-up is similar to community ethic. It constitutes of the Hispanic, Asian, White, African American, the Native American, and the Native Hawaiian. The English language learner’s percentage at the school is 9.35% while the graduation rate at the school is 91.51%. Around 1.61% of the community around the school speaks Chinese at home.

The median household income at Irvine is 97,496 as according to Data USA. Irvine has an average car ownership of 2 cars per household. It can thus indicate that there are no many people who are living below the 4% poverty line in the Orange state Irvine CA. The poverty rate at Irvine is 12.7%. A family of four at Irvine is deemed as a “low income” if it earns $87,450 or less.

Irvine has a 96% high school graduates or better in the area which is the 3rd most senior high school graduates in the North Tustin. Irvine has 67% of graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The number of people who have attained masters in Irvine is around 29%. The number of people who drops out of at Irvine is approximately 4%. Irvine school educates a diverse student population numbering over 24,000 (K-12). They are divided into 22 elementary schools, five middle schools, and four full high schools. The teacher in the school is racially distributed to help the racially distributed students.

Community Surroundings.

Their income determines the availability of the housing facilities for the families in Orange County. For instance, there are roughly 228 low-income housing apartments which contain around 18,000 affordable houses to the family. The median house income for the community is $76,509. The average household size is 3.04 persons. The median rent for the county is $1.548 a month.

The redlining has affected the people of Orange County. Even though the practice has been banned for the last 50 years, its impact is still being felt. Since its introduction, it has seen that people from different ethnic group live separated with each other. You find the Latinos live in their apartments and it is rare to find an African American or even the white around there. Similarly, renewal has seen community development while also pushing the low income out of their business by the middle class or the more prosperous people. It should be noted that it does not affect the race as it happens most of the time unintentionally. Gentrification has reduced the existence of affordable houses and thus increases the homeless people.

The school offers organized activities like sport and involvement in community services after school. The library is easily accessible to the people in the area. There are several volunteering groups in the community, e.g., Lion’s Heart Teen Volunteers and Leaders. There are several parks in Irvine that people and children can go to have a good time.

Reflection on my education Trajectory.

According to my research, I have come to the knowledge that schools are similar in how they affect the success of the pupils when the socio-economic background is taken into consideration. The experience of a pupil has an impact on his/ her education enormously. As for my part, the educational experience of my parent having being holder of masters and PhDs served as the driving force. I wanted to emulate my parents and even become a better version of them if possible. This led to me working hard toward my education. The fact that my parent chooses the Irvine school for me to study there was because they were cautious of the education level. The school is the leading school in the county offered a chance for me to emulate them. My parent was also eager to help me learn. They were always ready to help me out when working on my home works when at home. Although most of the time they were busy, I felt challenged every time they helped.

My education was also helped by my family income which meant that I could afford the requirement that was needed for my knowledge. My parent strict nature on my education also helped me out. They were always eager to see that I behave accordingly and that I was able to handle all my homework even when they were not around. They would always inquire about the behavior at the school and would always advise me having the right attitude.

Through my research, I was able to find out how necessary my background was influential in shaping me to who I am. The environment acted as my source of strength and reason to study hard. During the research, I could not avoid thinking what if I was in another background. Would it have affected my thinking and attitude toward education? My analysis indicated that the kind of upbringing for a child forms the basis of its life. Moreover, that explains my motivated study life.  It is through the experience that I did go through during the school period that shaped me.

During my research, I found that the image of the school was significant and it comes to the expense of the experiences that the student has. I remembered during my schooling time I was always made fun of because of being a book warmer and always wanting to study. It did not always go well with some students, and I was sometimes bullied. The school, on the other hand, would try to bring out a good image of it. In their report, the school could and never mentioned any incidence of bullying. Apart from that, I found that the school had made a good name for itself through good results, but the community did not understand how it achieved the results.

My education has impacted a lot to who I am today and also in my future dreams. Through that journey, I will be able to achieve my professional goal of being an educator. The research on my educational trip has helped me gain knowledge and feel encouraged by the steps that I took in my education. My educational background can thus be seen as an essential step in my achievement. My relationship with other students has enabled me to create a good relationship with the people around me and learn on several communication skill which I have found essential in helping carry out my research.




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