Community Mental Health Analysis

Patients that live mentally ill in the society are at high risk of developing chronic diseases, violence, and victimization. Mental illness has also been found to correlate with the issue of homelessness since many of the homeless people have been identified to be diagnosed with severe mental illness. This paper, therefore, aims at giving a summary on the challenges that the severely mentally ill adults undergo while living in supportive housing.

According to research, it has been noted that adults that have serious mental illness struggle to acquire effective supportive housing relationships from even those around them due to their condition (Bengtsson-Tops, Ericsson& Ehliasson,2014). At times due to their situation, they face the risks of violence and physical harassment by those that are supposed to take care of them. Also, the stigma and self-esteem have been known to be very low among the people that are diagnosed with mental illness, and therefore, this hinders them from having intimate relationships.

According to resea

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