Compare SQL and MS Access

Microsoft created Microsoft Office Access and used it as a relational database management system. The database software functions by combining both the jet database engine with the graphical user interface (GUI) and some software development tools (Difference between MS Access and SQL, 2010).  The MS Access also houses various applications such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Besides, it stores data in a Jet database engine. When using Microsoft access, one can store data up to 2GB per database and also, uses one single core to process it. Similarly, the Microsoft Office Access can import or link data that has been stored in Excel, XML, HTML, SharePoint, Outlook, Paradox and other Access databases.

On a further note, MS Access is comfortably suitable for desktop users whereby a small number of users can access it simultaneously. Regarding compatibility or sharing, Access is more suitable than SQL Server. For example, if a person wants to email a copy of his/her database to someone, it will be easier for them to have Access on their desktop than SQL Server. Besides, it is only possible to find SQL Server on production server machine or the developer’s computer. Ultimately, MS Access is primarily used to create simple database solutions (Difference between MS Access and SQL, 2010). It creates tables that support plenty of indices, standard field types and referential integrity. The complete query interface and forms make it easy for users to display and enter data.

On the other hand, Structured Query Language (SQL) refers to a programming language with the capability to manage data in a Relational Database Management System (RDMSs). Originally, its performance was based on relational algebra (Difference between MS Access and SQL, 2010). Moreover, it has the capability to do the following: schema creation and modification, data query and update and data access control. If a person uses proper method, SQL can query data quickly and efficiently. SQL is a strong database management system created by Microsoft, and can hold thousands of users at any point in time. Therefore, it is best suitable for an enterprise environment (Hernandez, 2016). The Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition is free to purchase, and the current one can support 10BG per database. It uses a lesser of 4 cores or 1 socket to process the data.  Therefore, it is generally used for data storage since it can store a large amount of data. Additionally, SQL is a standard with a structure consisting of different components that include SQL Framework, SQL/XML, SQL/Binding and SQL/CLI.



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