Comparing two Articles on the Refugees Crisis

Comparing two Articles on the Refugees Crisis

Both articles have been written with a similar objective in mind. They aim at showcasing how United Kingdom and Germany fair with regards to issues of refugees. This has been an emerging issue in recent times due to the incidences that have attached to it. Despite the articles trying to pass the same type of information, there are visible differences between the writing styles being used.

With regards to the audience, both articles seem to target the general public. This entails anyone that is interested with information regarding the current refugee crisis. The general public includes various stakeholders from different parts of the world. They include experts from various fields and other individuals without any expertise at all. The form of language used, and explanations provided are quite easy for anyone to understand the content. It only requires one to have the ability of reading the English language.

The writing style has been affected as result of targeting the general public. Among the things that have been necessitated is the use of quotations. This entails the exact words said by certain individuals mentioned in the articles. The writers of these articles want to show that the information entailed is not based on second-guessing, but being derived from people with privy knowledge on the issue.  The first article has also tried to make it easier for the public to understand the extent of the issue. This has been established by extrapolating the finer details affecting the issue at hand. It has used various sub-headings to showcase information regarding the refugees in different categories. There is an explanation of how different stakeholders are playing their roles in the issue. This is favorable to the audience since they become aware of who is playing which role in this issue. It also acts as a favorable resource for anyone interested in forming an argument based on the information derived from the article since it is detailed. The second article on the other hand has used a completely different approach. It has compiled all the information as a single prose report. Most of the content has been summarized for the audience. This is more favorable to the audience that does not want to spend a lot of time reading, and are only interested in identifying the main points on the refugees’ issue.

Both articles have used quotations and images. The effect of the quotations is showing authenticity of the information being provided. The audience is likely to believe the information being passed when they are able to identify the source of the information. There is elimination of the aspect of guessing whether it is all rumors or there exists substantiated proof. When it comes to the images, the second article has used them in a better way compared to the first one. Images from the second article would have a better impact on the readers. The first image on the article showcases an aspect of confusion and disarray. It shows stranded individuals that seem helpless, and could only move forward with help from relevant authorities. The second image on the article shows how bad the situation is since it has had an effect on children. Such an image would have an impact on pushing people to find solutions for the problem in order to relive the children involved from the agony they are enduring. The image on the first article is more of a publicity stance. It tries to show how receptive the German citizens are towards refugees. Readers are engulfed with the imagination of how hospitable the country might be for refugees.

Both articles can act as source of evidence supporting the Mediterranean refugee crisis.   The first article has analyzed all the key information by grouping it differently. It has tried to show how various stakeholders, for example, politicians, private individuals, footballers and the media among others have been involved in this issue. The article would provide substantial information while writing an essay on this issue. The second article on its part has provided images that would help anyone writing an essay on the issue to have a vivid description of how things have unfolded. However, the first article would be a better resource compared to the second one with regards to the essay writing concept.

In conclusion, both articles try to showcase the current refugee crisis in Europe. The difference is that they have opted to use different writing styles to pass the information to the targeted audience. Each of the articles would be helpful to the audience based on what type of information they are searching, and what they want to use it for.

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