Comparison of Leadership Models

Both the Managerial Grid and the Four Framework Approach are concerned at the employees in the exercise of their leadership roles. They agree that employees support ensures productivity in an organization. Leaders give employees the opportunity to make decisions without much supervision when there is a need. In both models, managers become servant leaders with the responsibility of helping employees complete their tasks thereby developing charisma. They make employees build trust in them. The two models are flexible, and they change depending on the organization situation at a given time. In the Managerial Grid, leaders shift concern between employees and production depending on prevailing condition. They may, for example, need to secure their job and at that, time concern between the two is at balance.  In Four Framework Approach, leaders shift interest between human resource, political symbolic and structural framework.


Managerial Grid approach is only concerned with internal factors while the Four Framework Approach focuses on both internal and external factors, which influence leadership. Leaders using the Managerial Grid approach take care of the employees and production only assuming other external factors such as competitors and political climate. On the other hand, leaders using the Four Framework Approach takes care of employees and production as well as external conditions such as the political climate. While the Four Framework Approach allows consultation and collaboration with other stakeholders, the Managerial Grid does not provide a room for consultation. Managerial Grid leaders depend on themselves to decide on the best practice at a given time. Leaders in Four Framework approach are political, and therefore they put forward their demands on what they need from employees.  The approach provides symbols and visions which employees are supports to follow. On the other hand, the Managerial Grid approach allows employees to decide on themselves the best thing to do at any given time.

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