COMS 100

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 Being anarchitect has been my childhood dream.
 I intend to own an architecture firm after completing my business administration degree
 I loved designing and constructing structures such as building
 I love drawing as well
 In this paper, I am going to explore what it takes to be the best architect
Speaker notes
Becoming an architect is a dream I have always had since I was a child. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in business administration degree, and after graduating, I intend to start an architectural firm. I have developed much interest in drawing recently, and because design and construction of structures with the shape of buildings have been a childhood dream, I feel like I would succeed in this field. My family has a history of creating successful business opportunities. In this presentation, I am going to explore what it takes to build the best architectural firm.
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 Architects are responsible for the visual appearance of structures and buildings before a final design
 Architects develop a facility based on the concept and requirement of the client
 The design created by the best architect should be more creative in aesthetics
 Best architects use vision and creativity to design products that satisfy clients, building laws, and state regulations
Speaker Notes
An architect must plan and design houses, office buildings, factories, and other vital structures. They are responsible for the visual appearance of structures and buildings before the final design. They develop a facility based on the concept and requirement of the client. Best architects use creativity and vision to design products that satisfy clients, building laws, and state regulations
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 It is essential to have a bachelor’s degree in Architecture or related courses
 Require Council of Architecture license to practice
 The firm must be either a sole proprietorship
 In case of a partnership, all the partners must be architects
 Legally, a private firm cannot practice architecture
 A business degree would help in this case
Speaker Notes
To start an architecture firm, there is a need for CoA registration. You may have a bachelor degree in architecture or an equivalent degree but to use the title of an Architect, a Council of Architecture’s registration number is mandatory.
An Architectural firm should be either a sole proprietorship firm or in case of a partnership; all partners must be architects. Legally a private limited company cannot practice architecture.
Having a business degree would be a plus. The management skills I would acquire from the degree program, and the family business will be very much significant in building a reputable and successful architectural firm.
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 Work experiences do not matter
 But it would be a plus when you start an architecture firm when you have work experiences
 Not all new business firms are built on a work experience
 In the process of operation, you gain the work experience to improve your business
Speaker Notes
You do not need work experience to start and manage a business successfully. All you need is the determination, focus, and dedication. But having the experience would be a plus for effective management and strategic decision making.
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 Demand for architecture firm services are on the increase
 More architects are expected to be needed to design and make plans for buildings and renovation of offices, homes, retail structures, and other structures
 Many schools are building new facilities or renovating new ones
 Demand is expected to increase for healthcare facilities
 Demand for architects with knowledge of sustainable design or green design is expected to increase
Speaker Notes
The demand for architects is expected to grow because of the increased need for modern structures and building as well as the renovation of offices, homes, retail stores, and other vital structures. Universities and schools will need to construct new structures or renovate the present ones. This would increase the demand for the firm’s services. At the same time, demand is expected to increase for healthcare facilities as the baby-boomers are aging and the number of people in need of healthcare services increases.
Additionally, there is a high demand for firms with knowledge of green design or sustainable design. People are becoming much more environmentally concerned and want buildings and structures that use fewer resources such as water and energy reduces pollution and waste.
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 Increase job opportunities among the youth
 The society would benefit from Corporate Social Responsibilities
Speaker Notes
Starting a business enterprise often serves to an advantage of the community around. Many graduates today do not have jobs. As a result, starting up the architecture firm will create employment opportunity for the community. At the same time, they would benefit from the corporate social responsibility that the firm would set
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 Architecture is a lucrative business, if well managed
 As a sole entrepreneur, you pocket all the profits gained
 Should seek out investors with knowledge about the industry to reduce risk
 This would increase the opportunity for growth
Speaker Notes
By setting up my architecture firm, I will be able to earn good profits, mainly when there are proper management and networking
Architecture is a lucrative business that attracts numerous investors. To gain more benefit, it is essential to seek out investors who have knowledge about the industry and give options that can reduce risks and increase the opportunity to grow.

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