Conducting a Literature Review

Nursing Research

A database refers to an assembly of information that is well organized for easy retrieval. The data is usually managed and updated by an administrator. The data is also arranged into tables, columns, and rows (Blaney-Koen, 2009). All the information is also an index to make it easier to access it. Besides, a search engine is a website that contains links to all web pages on the internet. It assists in searching for information online using keywords.


Risk assessment- Process of identity events can adversely affect patients.

Root cause-It refers to what causes something.

Patient safety – This is the process of ensuring that patients are free from any harm.

One of the challenges regarding patient safety is the long distances between their homes and hospitals. The problem hinders other individuals from accessing health services on time. I found three articles on patient safety that were published last year.

I encountered several challenges when locating research journals. One of the problems is internet problems that hindered me from accessing the databases. It also delayed my research since I had to take a long duration before getting the right information for my investigations. Secondly, I did not have enough hardware and software resources to conduct my research.(Clancy, 2007). Most of these assets are expensive and beyond my reach. I encountered internet challenges by doing my research within the school premises where there is the availability of internet. Secondly, I solved the problem of computer hardware and software by borrowing from friends.

I can seek help from the database administrator while writing my literature review. The expert may know the right materials I can use during my research (Öhrn, Rutberg and Nilsen, 2011). Therefore, his or her advisory opinion will be useful in this case.



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