Conflict Case Study

The cause of the conflict is the emergence of differing opinions on how to solve the difficulties being faced by a particular student. The team members seem to discuss some suggestions that they think would be suitable to solve the problem. However, Clair (vice principal) does not seem to agree with these suggestions for varied reasons. Most members end up supporting her sentiments.

The conflict management styles that have been used here are accommodating (giving in) and avoiding the conflict. The concept of giving in is evident when Claire disagrees to the suggestions that had been made by the other members. The other members end up agreeing with her despite being the ones making the suggestions in the first place. They had discussed these suggestions as a team, so there is no way the suggestions were that bad. The main reason they might have jumped ship is because of Claire’s status as the school’s vice principal. They might feel as having an obligation of supporting her ideas in order to remain on her good side. This is because they have accepted and acknowledged her point of view without even questioning despite having a different opinion initially. The aspect of avoiding conflict is evidenced by Jose. He said nothing with regards to Claire’s suggestions despite not seeming to be enthusiastic on what the team had arrived at.

The next thing to do would be re-assessing the suggestions made. This is because the individuals involved are expected to work as a team, and the ideas generated should come from the team in general. In this case, they came from one individual, and they were not subjected to any discussion. Implementing them in this state might be detrimental to the process of trying to help the relevant student. A style of collaboration and compromise should be used while making such decisions in order to ensure that every team member is satisfied with way things are going.

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