Conflicts in Relationship

Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship thus couples need to develop strategies to help them manage interpersonal conflicts that might arise by providing them with functioning solutions.  A relationship that does not have an interpersonal conflict cannot work or will be full of unresolved issues that make the spouses dislike each other. According to Bevan and Sole (2014), the question is not event the conflict itself, but it is how couples deal with it because once you ignore the little misunderstandings, you will end up developing depression, feeling angry and became resentful. Most importantly, you need to know how to let your spouse known that he or she has done something wrong or made you angry. For that reason, it is advisable for example to say, “I am furious at you right now” instead of saying “you have made me angry” or “you always cause problems.” As you start your married life, know that conflicts are a must and communication is the key to solving such issues. When married people see the need to manage interpersonal conflicts rather than ignoring them, their marriage becomes functional and happy.  For instance, throw in some compliments or use humor when talking with your partner as this can go a long way in making your relationship better.  On the same note, a couple must have plans and solutions for future conflict situations. Learning to communicate in a positive light will avoid unnecessary fighting thus a happier and fulfilling marriage. Therefore, it is advisable that you prepare for any conflict and provide a solution beforehand. But remember that despite all these, listening to your partner no matter how angry you are is the key to solving your issues.



Gender and culture have an impact on communication because a more extensive section of society feels that men are more likely to use action versus words compared to the women who prefer using emotion.  Let us look at the definition of these two terms and their relevance. Gender is the socially constructed and accepted definition of men and women which is identified through their sexual organs. On the other hand, culture refers to the customs, ideas, and the social behavior that people in a society choose to follow or adhere to. The differences between culture and gender make communication a different activity among the two groups of people. For instance, the goal of discussion in men is to get things done whereas that of women is to make connections with other people. As a result, men tend to discuss more facts and thoughts, while women talk about feelings, relationships, and people. As a wife, you will notice that your husband communicates in a manner related to the above facts although this does not mean that his words and opinions are important than yours. Women are often misunderstood during the communication process because of the way they express body language while talking or because they tend to use more body language when instructing as compared to the men.

I am of the opinion that women have a sensitive nature and a softer tone when communicating compared to the men who have a masculine tone, more insistent, and a job –focused perception of the same messages during interpersonal communication. As a result, men make decisions based on their personal needs while the women do so after making comparisons between themselves and others. If you know the differences in communication, your primary focus should be how to prevent miscommunication. As a couple, you need to understand that you both have equally important roles when communicating with one another. Therefore, no one should feel more or less powerful because of their gender orientation. Acknowledging that both of you are equal will help you build a strong marriage foundation.


A healthy relationship in marriage can be achieved through interpersonal communication given that it allows for openness and honesty. Interpersonal communication involves the process of two or more people, in proximity being able to provide immediate feedback to one another. Knowledge of the barriers to effective communication, the role of emotional intelligence, self -disclosure in relationships, and how to manage interpersonal conflicts is necessary for ensuring n effective communicating process among couples.  Ignoring the barriers to effective communication can be disastrous in a marriage.

Nonetheless, applying emotional intelligence will facilitate the handling of conflicts in a healthy way. As a couple, you need to speak to your other half with respect, love, and common courtesy. The way you communicate with your partner will help or hinder the way you build your self-image, influence your self-esteem; thus it is necessary that you think before you speak because words cannot be taken back. Do not forget that gender and culture can affect how you talk to echo other because you have different upbringings.  Also, keep in mind that honesty is the key to a suitable communication process and for that reason; it is good to voice your concerns early to avoid any miscommunication.  All in all, a significant relationship can only be achieved by couples who invest in interpersonal communication at each given moment.


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