Conquest of Hawaii

I find it interesting in the video that the U.S helped to over throw the monarch in the year 1893. A group of grandsons of the U.S missionaries formed a group called the committee of safety headed by Sanford B. Dole.  Their aim was to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaiian monarch and establish a provincial government with dole as president. They sought the help of John l. Stevens, the U.S minister to Hawaii at the time. With the pretence of protecting American lives, the minister sent 162 U.S. marines from the U.S. cruiser Boston to help overthrow the monarch. In less than 24 hrs, they overthrew the queen and Dole was instituted as the president of the provincial government.

It is very interesting how a group of foreigners managed to overthrow a functioning government. These grandsons of missionaries were English speaking and though they also spoke the language of Hawaii, they did not follow the cultural ways of Hawaiians. Then they instituted themselves as the committee of safety in a foreign culture and overthrew the existing ruler in less than twenty-four hours.

I think this was more of colonialism than safety. The missionaries compromised safety in the first place. Before the arrival of missionaries in Hawaii, there were no predatory animals, mosquitoes, diseases, and poisonous snakes. Therefore, if there was any safety issue, it must have come with the missionaries. After so many years, the grandsons of the missionaries thought it wise to form a safety committee to overthrow the monarch and be the rulers. The people of Hawaii lived in peace and isolation. It is very interesting how the arrival of other people changed the culture of Hawaii from peaceful to power hungry.

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