Consumer Behavior

1-An individual’s self-concept is comprised of several facets, including identities and self-esteem. Review the impact of self-concept on consumer behavior in Chapter 6 of your textbook along with the concept of brand personality in Chapter 7 of your textbook. Then, reflect on how your purchasing decisions for a specific brand have been influenced by your self-concept and that brand’s personality, providing examples where appropriate.

Consumers often fancy brands which are associated with a given set of personality traits that are corresponding with their own personality. Consumers not only buy products that can fulfill their basic needs but they also look at what a product represents or means(Solomon, 2017).Consumers of given products associated with individual personalities drive social patterns. Scholars report that brand hate, which is a negative feeling towards given brands results from factors such as functional and symbolic incongruence to the personality of the consumer. Personally, my decisions regarding a brand choice are often guided by self-image. I tend to choose products whose images are congruent with my own. To maintain a positive self-image, I tend to purchase products that are positively valued while also seeking out for products that an image similar to my own to maintain self-consistency. According to Solomon (2017), individuals consume brands not just to show others of their self-image but also to enhance their self-esteem, affirm their sense of self, and convey their social status. For instance, a friend of mine informed me of that purchasing a certain type of phone was the best option because they are relatively pocket-friendly and are of higher quality as compared to others in the market. However, I was not convinced of this, and I decided to purchase an iPhone, which is my favorite brand. iPhone is a product that relevantly matches with my personality. It is often attributed to luxury and pride, and this is the characteristic of my self-image. In most cases, the quality of the products from Apple impresses me and tends to reflect my social status and boost my self-esteem. The decision to purchase other brands does not give me the fulfillment that I get from iPhone products. Therefore, purchasing products regarded to be of high quality and the most powerful personal device and affirm my social status.

2-The most effective marketing campaigns leverage message appeals to communicate with the audience. Begin by reading Chapter 8 of your text along with the article How Market Researchers Uncover the “Why” of Consumer Behavior (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Then identify three advertisements and describe what types of message appeals they use. Finally, explain how market research relates to the type of message appeal used in each of the three advertisements and how these types of message appeals influence consumer behavior.

Ads display different message appeals. One of the ads Alka-Seltzer( New Yearis humorous. The ad sends a humor message because it makes people laugh and develop an emotional attachment with the product. It is a properly presented humor appeal that improves evaluation, recollection, and intention to purchase the product. The advertisement is linked with humor to grab the attention of the audience. The company wanted the consumers to find something humorous in the ad to make them watch, laugh, and most essentially, remember. By capturing the attention of the viewer, the ad cuts through advertising clutter and enable improved recall and enlightened moods (Solomon, 2017). Happy consumers associate the good mood of this product. Generally, a humor appeal ad creates an emotional connection with the consumers. As a result, of this, they would think of this product first when they want to buy a Christmas tree or a New Year tree.

Another adthat I have watched is Stop Climate Change Before It Changes You This can be described as a fear appeal ad. It sends a message to the human race to stop the menace of climate change because its effects will be scary. It campaigns for environmentally safe practices to prevent climate change impacts. The ad focuses on the negative outcome that would come when we do not conserve and protect our environment. Therefore, it has been used to promote an immediate change in our behavior such as increased release of greenhouse gases and deforestation. Business organizations can use this ad to promote the purchase of their products that are environmentally friendly – those whose use will have little or no impact on the environment and climate change. For instance, the ads can be used by organizations that use manufactures an electric or solar vehicle to reduce the number of fuel-based vehicles on our roads. This is made to attract the attention of environmentally concerned consumers.

The Obsession for Men( advertises men’s fashion scent cologne has some components of nudity. It can thus be described as a sex appeal ad. Sex and nudity have always sold well. Sexual sensitivity, sexuality, sexual suggestiveness, and overt sexuality raise the curiosity of audiences and lead to a strong feeling towards certain products. The ad tends to capture the attention of the viewers. The fragrance product uses sex appeal to send a romance message to men by showing that the use of this product will help them find the woman of his dream. In the ad, a man is shown carrying a woman on his shoulder, a sign that using the cologne will make them attract the ladies to their favor. The attention achieved from this product may tend to lure consumers towards using it, to have the same feeling like the one shown in the advert. Sex appeal adverts are attention getters.

These type of appeal influences consumer behavior by putting a persuasive element that stimulates one to buy the product or services by touching on the person’s wants, interest, and needs (Solomon, 2017). The ads aim to persuade consumers and create a positive image and mindset on those who use them. They are used to influence purchasing decisions.

3- As described in your text, many factors influence us during the process of buying, using, and disposing of. These include mood, level of pressure we are feeling, and need for a given product. For this discussion, imagine you work for a local clothing retailer and have been asked to make recommendations for increasing sales. Using the concepts from Chapter 10 of your textbook, provide at least three specific recommendations: one to affect the consumer before purchase, one to affect the consumer during the purchasing process, and one to affect the consumer post-purchase. To improve the shopping experience, and explain how you believe your recommendations would improve the consumer’s experience both during purchase and post-purchase.

First of all, it is important to make improved advertisement campaigns to influence the purchase decisions of the consumers. Strong advertisements are meant to bring a great shift in the consumer purchase decisions to the extent that they may opt to buy from our brand. In the adverts, we will inform consumers of the quality of our clothing products and ask them to come and experience the value of buying from us. An advertisement will affect consumer decisions before purchase. Advertisement promotes the brand name which impacts their purchase decisions.

During purchase, I would recommend a high quality customer service and high quality products during at affordable cost. Giving the best services to the consumer during purchase is key to developing a good reputation. For instance, a consumer who is given proper attention during purchase and guided on the selecting the best cloth that would suit their demands and taste will come back or influence others to come to the retail shop due to quality customer service. A business that can develop a positive brand reputation in the market place can influence the purchase decisions of customers more frequently. People will look at your product and then remember what other people have said about them, and choose you over the competitors (Solomon, 2017).

To keep the flame alive after purchase, the retail shop should offer customer support services, e.g., ensuring that the retail’s contact information is highly accessible offer many communication channels such as live chat, emails, phone, etc. At the same time, the retail shop should create loyalty programs as a way of fostering repeat customer buys. Promotional campaigns aimed at earning points instead of traditional discounts should be created. The loyalty programs should be as unique as the stand out and brand in the minds of the consumers (Solomon, 2017). At the same time, it is essential to set up integration between the profiles of customer within the platform of e-commerce and those within the support system. Using these concepts will create a positive picture of the retail shop and make consumers feel like it is the best place to purchase from.



Solomon, M. R. (2017). Consumer behavior: Buying, having, and being (12th Ed.). Boston, MA, USA: Pearson.Retrieved from

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