Consumer Behavior

In today’s market, the consumer is more informed and enlightened and makes choices based on several factors. There are things, which affect the decision made by consumers. One of the factors is the cultural factors. These include social classes, cultural trends, subcultures, and the culture itself. The shared beliefs among the consumers of a certain culture will affect their shopping behavior. Ones culture dictates how one lives and has an effect on the things one purchases. In addition, the social class one belongs to also dictates ones shopping behavior.

Another factor that affects the shopping behavior of consumers is the social factors. These include families and social status and roles (Rani, 2014). Ones family influences the buying behavior. The behaviors of the family are passed on to the children in one way or the other. In addition, ones position in the family, work, groups etc will affect the shopping behavior. This is more for products that are visible to all people.

Another factor is personal factors. These include the way of life, age, lifestyle, purchasing power, and personality. As people grow old, their purchasing decisions tend to change. In addition, the purchasing power determines ones decisions (Rani, 2014). The lifestyle of the consumer will also affect the shopping decision. Again, consumers will also base their decisions on the image the products will reinforce of themselves.

Psychological factors also affect the decisions made by consumers. These include motivation, perception, learning, beliefs, and attitudes. Consumers are motivated by different things and they base their shopping behavior on these motivations (Rani, 2014). In addition, the beliefs and attitudes are difficult to change once embedded in one’s mind. These beliefs and attitudes become part of one’s life and influence the shopping decisions.



Rani, P. (2014). Factors influencing consumer behaviour. International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review, 2(9), 52-61.

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