Contemplated Issues for an Appropriate and Ethical Research Study

Contemplated Issues for an Appropriate and Ethical Research Study

Every research study aims to provide a concrete conclusion and findings that support the obtained results. However, some factors mar the process of the investigation leading to the failure of getting a full final draft. For example, the Civil War in America interfered with several structures as well as the trust between people thereby making it hard to collect relevant information about political issues. Notably, politics play a vital role in by the country together and failure to obtain the right information the contemporary issues that surround the process makes the process faulty. The ethical and legal issues which are related to conducting clinical research involves the participation of human characters had raised several concerns on lawyers, policymakers, clinician and scientists for many years. Notably, the purpose of all clinical research is to collect and analyses precise data for the generalizable conclusion to improve the research practices and their benefits in the future.

Therefore, it is necessary to outline proper considerations which will make the contemplating in performing appropriate and ethical research study more concrete in the contemporary political issues (O’Leary, 2017). The civil war in America triggered, for example, immigration, electoral issue and foreign lobbying which interfered with the standard data collection about a given political point. Most involved countries viewed each other as an enemy and were not willing to share some of the important in obtaining useful data about the nature of the war. In this paper, several considerations have been discussed with a purpose to ensure an appropriate and ethical research study performance about pertinent issues in the contemporary political issues

Informed Consent

According to Artal&Rubenfeld(2017), this a significant problem in conducting ethical research studies. It means that an individual can intellectually, voluntarily or knowingly gives his or her consent in the research process (Artal&Rubenfeld, 2017). It is one of the methods that help researchers to protect the rights of their patients. Because free and informed consent requires one to make a cohesive introduction to the research study. The issue must be addressed amicably before politically related research is conducted. This is because most participants can formulate an informed consent to actively participate in the research process with mild attention to their possible. For example, because the Civil War America led to the loss of several lives most people may fail to open up because of fear and physical harm which they might be exposed to.

Respect for Confidentiality and Anonymity

The issues of anonymity and confidentiality are closely related with beneficence rights, fidelity and respect for the dignity. It is, therefore, necessary to protect the anonymity before linking the subject of study with the personal responses. If anonymity is promised, confidentiality is adequately addressed. Thus, all the obtained information about the issue are kept private. For instance, because no political candidate is willing to share his or her objectives with another competitor, maintaining the privacy of contemporary political issues concerning his goals makes his or her study successful. However, the America Civil war interfered with the whole process. Most researchers are vulnerable to poor data collection because they cannot maintain their confidentiality beyond the ordinary level.

Respect for Privacy

Privacy refers to the freedom which a person has to determine the extent, time and the general circumstance under which relevant information about the topic of study will be shared. If the privacy of a participant or researcher is invaded without his or her consent or knowledge, the research study may be halted. In contemporary political issues, the researcher should not decide on behalf of the third parties in the study, especially in delicate matters. Instead, a proper prior investigation should be carried out before the actual research is conducted. In politics, the candidate’s information acts as his or her weapon for fighting his opponents (Artal&Rubenfeld, 2017). Therefore, keeping them secret makes the whole process of study successful because all measures are protected and maintained.

Vulnerable Group of Persons

Today, there are overriding concerns about vulnerable person concerning the research topic used in the study. Vulnerability refers to a state where people are not capable of protecting their welfare and rights. According to Nichols (2016), this group of people includes captive population such as students and prisoners, the poor, the critically ill or dying, mentally challenged, children, the aged among others (Nichols, 2016).  The inability of the participants to provide concrete information about the topic of study may be associated with these factors (Nichols, 2016). Therefore, for ethical and appropriate research about a contemporary political issue, it is prudent to be sensitivity to this group of people. The result of the Civil War in America left many occupants with different challenges, both major and minor. Therefore, to obtain detailed information the vulnerable group of individuals needs to be considered before the final verdict on the research study is made.

In conclusion, every research process has different consideration that must be followed to obtain an insightful result. For example, in the contemporary political issues, significant factors such as informed consent; where the participant is given the opportunity to share their views should be considered. Similarly, the research should ensure that respect for privacy is maintained before the research study kicks off. Overall, the nature of the Civil War in America contributed to the loss of political stability among the occupants.




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