Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach that aims to create and distribute essential content that attracts and retain a specific audience to obtain profitable customer action. Successful content marketing campaign contains some predictable set of characteristics. There are several content marketing approaches which can contribute effectively to the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) (Ogden & Ogden, 2014, 12).  Content marketing must analyze the audience whom the message is intended to be delivered to since this ensures that the content is directed towards the ideal customer.

Considering the right characteristics of the customers in content marketing promotes a positive relationship with the customers hence increasing brand awareness. The next step is to create relevant content while mentioning the exact problem and the fundamental issue the product wishes to solve (Rampton, 2016, 1). Finding topics which are connected to the target audience attract the attention of the customers into checking a post. The offer that is provided during the content marketing must be valuable to the target audience, and they should not be able to obtain the same from any other place. An offer is a means of assisting the customers in getting to know a company hence creating a consistent interaction between the product and the potential customers.

The promotion and distribution of content are essential for every company that wishes to have its marketing content seen and read by the potential customers. Sharing the message with the consumers promotes a connection with those who read and are attracted to the message (Rampton, 2016, 1). Positive contact with consumers fosters customer loyalty and increases sales. Finally, through a follow-up the customers can express their grievances through their emails and the company will be able to respond accordingly to salvage the situation. The company can send valuable information to the customers, and this promotes brand awareness.

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