Continuum of Care Evaluation and Analysis

Continuum of Care Evaluation and Analysis

Societal challenges predispose individuals to a number of activities that increases their health risks. Health risks do not only cause diseases but also death when they are not addressed promptly. Recognition of vulnerable groups in society, the establishment of factors that contribute to the vulnerability, provision of health needs and adoption of an appropriate strategy is the best way of dealing with the challenges.

Vulnerable Mothers and Children

Vulnerability in women is caused by a number of factors, the most notable ones being age, education, and income. Children born prematurely are at high risk of death as a result of poorly developed body organs. Also, infants less than 5 years have weak body immunity hence susceptible to common illness such as malaria, tuberculosis and common cold that could lead to death if not timely treated. Young mothers are also vulnerable to health risks. Their reproductive organs are not yet developed to meet the baby’s development needs leading to premature birth, low weight babies or miscarriage (Simcock, 2017, p.38). Lack of education will deter mothers from seeking maternal knowledge hence fail to take precautionary measures of protecting their pregnancies. Also, inadequate education will lead to poor dietary intakes on the part of the mother and children, a factor that could lead to malnutrition. Lastly, the economic status of the mother could hinder or foster good health. Mothers need finances to purchase healthy diets as well as seeking proper medical care. Financial inadequacies will lead to overreliance on poor food choices and failure to seek medical prenatal and postnatal care, factors that could result in the poor health of the mother and the children.

People Affected By Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and substance abuse have negative implications for an individual’s health. They could lead to premature birth, low birth weight and possible death at extreme levels of use. Different factors increase the vulnerability of the group. Firstly, gender increases the group’s susceptibility. For instance, alcoholic women may get unplanned pregnancies and also are at high risks of rape. Secondly, inadequate education on the effects of alcohol and substance use results to the group’s continued use of alcohol and drugs hence exposing it to more health risks (Simcock, 2017, p.57). Lastly, low income could be a hindrance to individuals who need rehabilitation services. Some of the services are too costly and suitable for economically advantaged individuals. Failure to access rehabilitation services will subject alcoholics and drug addicts to more use of the substances hence worsening their health status further.

Health Care Needs

Enhancing the good health of the mothers and children as well as people affected by alcohol and substance abuse calls for the provision of various health needs both in the home setting and in health facilities. Teenage ladies should be educated on family planning to reduce cases of teenage pregnancy that exposes them to health risks. Also, dietary health promotions should target mothers who in most cases are involved in the preparation of food in the families so that they should always make appropriate food choices (Mitrovic, 2015, p.191). Thirdly, the state should offer health insurance coverage for maternal, prenatal and postnatal care to enable mothers with financial inadequacies to access medical care. Also, people affected by alcohol and substance abuse should be provided with different health needs to improve their health conditions. They should be provided with health education especially on the effects of alcohol and drug use. The education will help them refrain from drug use and alcoholism thus restoring their body to a healthy state.

Approaches to Care

Various approaches to care can be adopted to address the health challenges facing the two groups. Preventive approaches will be used in educating mothers on family planning methods aimed at preventing early pregnancies as well as on appropriate dietary intakes that will aid in proper health of the mother and the child. Treatment approach will be used on people affected by alcohol and substance abuse to help them recover from their alcoholic and addictive states.


Attainment of good health within the society calls for the need to establish the vulnerable groups in society, identifying their challenges and addressing their health needs. Provision of health needs such as education and health cover as well as the adoption of preventive and curative strategies promote good health among various vulnerable groups in society.



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