Contributions of Mother Theresa


Mother Theresa was an outstanding individual whose work was unimaginable. She devoted herself on her mother instilled to do during her childish moments that is she should share what she has. This made her to like helping those in need regardless of religion and color. She came up with the establishment of missionary charitable organization to help the sick, incapacitated, and the unfortunate in the societies and streets, for instance, Calcutta (Duthely, 2017). She also participated in teaching Saint Mary’s High School for school before his call in 1946 where he continued in nurturing her preferable field of work (Duthely, 2017). In this connection, this paper focuses on discussing various aspects tacked by her as shown below.

Who Mother Theresa is, brief background, and her leadership experience

Mother Theresa was a nun born on 26th August 1910. She passed away on 5th September 1997 (Duthely, 2017). In the second day of her life she was taken for baptism where she was named Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Duthely, 2017). She was the founder of the charity missionary aimed in helping the poor in1950. Her life was purely dedicated to helping those in need especially the sick together with the poor (Duthely, 2017). She is famously known as ‘Saint Teresa of Calcutta' according to his religion, Catholic. Her saint name was officially canonized in 2016 (Duthely, 2017). In the past century, 20th, she was recognized as the greatest humanitarian ever.

Her leadership experience came as a result of the charity mission she was undertaking. For instance, her second experience was in 1946 of ‘call within a call' which was centered in caring for the blind, disabled with the inclusion of the aged (Duthely, 2017). Also, it included the leper colony. Here, she was working in slums, Calcutta, helping the s

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