Controversy surrounding the use and value of Marijuana

Controversy surrounding the use and value of Marijuana


The controversy surrounding the use and value of Marijuana is certainly not new to societies today. The debate about Marijuana dates to the middle of the nineteenth century even though there was no consensus as it is today, the majority of the people linked potential benefits to the drug. Oftentimes the debate concerning the legalization of Marijuana has been conducted raising controversies based on research. Individuals support their opinions about the drug according to their varied perspectives. Much of the debates use economical, medical and political approaches to present the views as to whether or not the drug should be legalized. This paper seeks to support the argument that Marijuana should be made legal as the action helps to improve the lives of both the users and the producers.


In some countries such as America, marijuana has been legalized the public can access it provided they have the permit. More than fifteen states have created laws to monitor the consumption and distribution of marijuana. From this observation, it is clear that while other states restrict the use of marijuana, we already have some countries that support the consumption and circulation of the drug. It indicates that legalization of marijuana is possible and willing states can give their citizens the freedom to use and possess marijuana. As someone supporting the argument concerning the legalization of the drug, it is evident from other states that marijuana is not a harmful substance and therefore it can be decriminalized.

As it stands, most countries in the world restrict the medicinal and recreational applications of Marijuana. However, as a person who believes the existence of liberty, I find no good reason why the states should establish tough laws against the production of certain substances more particularly marijuana. The drug comes from a plant known as Cannabis which most countries consider it illegal. Unlike other illegal substances that also need to be decriminalized and regulated, Marijuana has prime importance because it is less harmful.  Majority of the population understand the value of the drug and consider it the most beneficial substance among the lists of illegal drugs. As a result of the positive reviews about Marijuana, the substance should be legalized.

Marijuana should be made legal and regulated for medicinal and recreational purposes. There is evidence that the drug holds medicinal value. For instance, marijuana helps to stimulate appetite, relieve nausea and reduces anxiety among people. Many countries already use Marijuana for medicinal value. In the United States, marijuana is used for pain control. Health professionals recommend people especially the aged to use the drug as a muscle relaxant and for chronic illness. Therefore, Marijuana needs to be legalized by the state and regulate its distribution to help in boosting the health of people.

Setting up measures to fight against the use and distribution of marijuana has rendered the drug illegal. As a result, many scholars are discouraged from conducting intensive research about marijuana because of its illegality. This prevents studies essential for finding more about the drug regarding the use, value and practical medical applications. Besides, most states ban the medicinal purposes of marijuana to individuals that could be assisted. Restricting the use of marijuana continues to be fruitless, this is because the action increases black markets where money is earned from the American public. Legalization of marijuana would help to improve the tax collection by the federal states which come from the large sales thereby creating an alternative source of revenue. If the government controls the availability of marijuana, then individuals would be advised to the drug safely for their health leading to reduced drug abuse. This implies that marijuana should be legalized and regulated.

Individuals should enjoy the freedom to use and possess the drug, and the law is not supposed to deny the people the rights to exposure to certain substances. By legalizing marijuana, individuals would have the liberty and freedom to use and distribute it. There exist some harmful substances, but the law should not restrict people from using and possessing them. The government has a right to regulate such substances, but this should be done partially to allow people to access the drug. It should be left upon the individuals to make decisions on what to with the substance. The states prohibiting the use of marijuana should stay away from influencing people and give them the freedom to make their own choices. The action of the government to make moralistic decisions on the use of substances should be stopped. This encourages individuals to look for the drug and use it to disprove the measures created by the state. As a result, the cases of drug abuse would continue making the situation worse. Legalization of marijuana would help to overcome such challenges.

Individuals declining the legalization and regulation marijuana would prefer to have remained illegal as other substances. Such people base their arguments on the likelihood of the drug to be harmful marijuana; however, marijuana contains a chemical known as tetrahydrocannabinol which responsible for its psychoactive properties. The users of the drug experience a feeling of being high which is associated with the ability of the element to cause euphoria and relaxation after taking marijuana. The soothing effects caused by tetrahydrocannabinol are linked to the beneficial features of Marijuana. The finding contradicts with the information presented by the opponents of marijuana lamenting that the drug has harmful impacts on the users. Therefore, the drug should be legalized because of its ability to cause soothing effects among the users.

Historically, prohibition of substances that are primarily used by people has always been ineffective. For instance, the laws that were created in the 1920s after the implementation of the 18th Amendment, many Americans continued to consume, produce and distribute alcohol regardless of the ban. During the period when some individuals went to the extent of making their alcoholic drinks, this later contributed to the repealing of the prohibition in 1933. The same applies to the ban on marijuana; individuals will continue to produce, consume and circulate the drug despite the existence of laws. Outlawing will make people use illegal means to get drug and consume it. Therefore, to overcome such cases, the government should legalize marijuana.


Marijuana should not be legalized; instead, it should remain illegal like many other harmful substances. The downside of marijuana cannot be ignored and denied. The drug has several risks linked to it because of the mode used to take it. Like many other substances taken through smoking, marijuana causes a severe problem to the lungs of the user. Studies indicate that marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco which is also taken through smoking. To help protect the users from contracting lungs related diseases such as cancer, the government should put robust measures to ban the consumption and distribution of marijuana. The action can be achieved by creating laws that prohibit the use of the drug among individuals as well as placing fines for the victims. The drug should remain an illegal substance and restrict people from accessing it. These measures will help to safeguard the health conditions of the users and ensure that the country has a healthy population. Therefore, marijuana should not be legalized by the states.

In conclusion, there are no sufficient reasons as to why the government should not legalize the use and possess of marijuana. As mentioned in this paper, individuals should be given the right and freedom to use marijuana because of its medicinal applications. Marijuana contains a medicinal value, and can still be used for recreational purposes. By legalizing the drug, the government would be able to increase its revenue through the sales and help to eradicate the black markets. People should be given the freedom to make a choice on the substance to use, and the government should stay away from outlawing substances that are consumed by a large section of the population. Therefore, to achieve a free and peaceful public, marijuana should be legalized.

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