Corporate Brand; Apple


The entrance of other technology providers in the market has increased competition making each corporate to establish strategies to adopt for market sustainability. Apple is one of the largest technology corporates that have grown amidst the competition. Apple has considered a number of factors in its efforts to strengthen its corporate brand. The factors include;

Ensuring Simple but powerful brand

Technology is a difficult field into which simplicity is hardly extended. From the configuration of a product to the use of language and provision of an interface, the technology sector has seen the consumers face difficulties in the use of the new appliances. ‘Simple’ does not mean that the brand personality is poor or shallow but implies the ease of use (Corporate Social Responsibility, 2016). All the products that Apple develops must be undertaken through a pilot study to establish their ease of use on the target consumers. For instance, the Apple computers and high-end mobile phones have power user and rookies which mean a wide range of ease-of-use aspect which is considered more important than the product itself.The simplicity factor has prevented the company from producing different versions of an iPhone, iPad, iPods or computes but working hard to ensure that the existing products have been made easy to use.

Ensuring Consumer consideration and inclusivity

Unlike other companies who are profit-oriented, Apple has put measures to not only generate high profits but also satisfy the needs of all types of consumers regardless of the financial status. In doing this, the company has adopted a principle of inclusivity. Products and pricing are done based on market segmentation created by the company. The inclusivity has enabled the brand to extend into lower-end versions of its products like iPhone SE without devaluating its attractiveness to the high-end purchases of its high priced premiums like iPhone XS Max. The inclusivity factor has enabled the company to appeal to both business and leisure users of their products.

An exertion of control in its brand touch points

Brand personality is maintained when the brand owners have the control of where their products are sold. Successful businesses have been reported to have control all phases of product entry ranging from awareness, through purchase, nurturing and sustenance (Corporate Social Responsibility, 2016). The launching of Apple was marked by a number of retailers and intermediaries who would sell Apple products to consumers. This strategy tended to destroy Apple’s reputation. The company has taken a go-to-market strategy by having chains close to consumers to exercise enough control of its products, an exercise that cannot be done through retailers or third parties. This has enabled it to sell its products in line with its brand personality as well as aiding it to match its products with changing market demands.


Apple’s strategy of brand building is effective not only in helping it generate more profits but also in enabling it to have a strong market command over its competitors. Its range of activities from the creation of simple products through consumer satisfaction to market control has helped it to grow amidst the stiff technological competition in the market.




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