Corporate social responsibility homework


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is how organizations or companies operate their business process to produce an overall positive impact on society. The organizations major covers sustainability, social ethics and other relative roles that should be incorporated by the business. Therefore, organizations should have some positive impacts on society by having aspects guiding them. For example, the quality of their management. It should be beneficial to both the people in that society and to the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility also should look at the nature of their impacts on society in different areas and how it is mostly becoming helpful in society. For example, it should promote economic development while improving the living standards of the in various organizations. By making their lives more comfortable, it will bring a positive effect whereby people will enjoy a quality life by staying in developed communities.

Besides, the Corporate Social Responsibility should be a mechanical business model that enables a company or any other organization within the community to be socially responsible to itself, its stakeholders and the society at large. It will make many companies to have a positive impact economically, socially and also to the environment. Activities conducted by the initiative can help in creating a secure attachment between the corporation and the employee.

Companies that have Corporate Social Responsibility programmes grow very fast, and the business moves to the point that it will deliver positive results to society. For example, when an industry grows it may create more chances in employing more works hence creating employment to the community. Since it will create more jobs to the residents living around the organizations, it will create a positive impact whereby it will improve the living standards of the population in that society. The initiative also facilitates other areas to develop in the country such as promoting enough funds that will enable the government to improve the transport sector and other related activities.

Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility is a movement that has an aim of encouraging industries, companies and other organizations to be aware of the impact of their business on the society including to that of the stakeholders and the environment. It covers many topics such as human rights such as a right to own property. It is imperative for every company to respect the rights of the people living around by considering their health and safety.

Furthermore, the Corporate Social Responsibility entails other vital topics like environmental effects, working conditions, effective governance and its contribution to economic development. Moreover, the initiative majority focuses on the positive factors that have been brought by different companies in society.

I being a member of Centennial College working in a group that has collaborated with a selected old centre in the neighborhood of the college. We have been involved in a community project as part of the centennial college `s corporate social responsibility initiative to elaborate on the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We identified that the corporate sector has a big hand towards its own business, shareholders and also to the community at large. Every unit has its responsibilities that initiate the development of society. The corporate must make sure that the business should indicate some norms that guide and improve the welfare of the nation. It should also be able to protect the purpose of the company operating in that environment.

Our group also identified that there are duties that the companies or industries play to the society that they are operating. The initiative of corporate social responsibility ensures that there is a balance between economic, social, political and environmental activities. Therefore, a business can make a profit that will be beneficial to its shareholders and the community at large.

Also, our group had some roles and tasks in participating in the community project whereby we involved in the planning principle. Everyone from the Centennial college had an opportunity about making decisions in every stage. We had to arrange on how to start our project by making sure that all the instrument that we could use to assist us in having the correct information.

Identifying the place on which the project could be conducted is one of the points in which our group could do. We did this to understand the landscape of the situation to know the means of transport we could use. It is crucial to avoid minor accidents that may make a project not to be carried out. It could also cause us to know the kind of skills we could apply to the project so that we could equip ourselves so that our members could be prepared to conduct the project.

Identifying safety ways and coming up with solutions to the problems that may be encountered at the site. It can be avoided by knowing the kind of weather covering the environment in which the company or the organization is located thus coming up with ideas that solve the problems related to the climate. It is good to have safety programmes to prevent accidents that may happen at the site.

We could also set up the goals that we needed to meet. Coming up with these goals could make us be able to identify areas that we had covered and those that we had not. It could guide us to thoroughly conduct the project and make sure we could achieve all the necessary information required by the plan .setting up the goals laid down the correct foundation that we could follow to meet the project`s purpose.

We are meeting the project deadline. We used this essential factor to know when to finish our work thus helping us to see the limit of time we could use to meet the ends. It could be important also to use the deadline factor to avoid delay in the results that we acquired from the project. The deadline makes us be on toes and enables us to work hard by not wasting time on factors that are not important.

After we had conducted a successful project, we had to review the challenges that we encountered. The problems were: inadequate funds. Since we did not have enough funds, it failed us from having all the required equipment for the project. It forced us to use the available ones thus not enabling us to run our activities smoothly as expected.

Poor climatic conditions such as floods became a significant problem of carrying out our project in a comfortable manner. For example, we wasted a lot of time looking for shelters instead of using the time to complete our project on time.

It has divergent ideas that result in different directions. It mainly affects the group when members develop different priorities or sometimes having different goals. When this problem affects the group, it kills the morale of the members hence causing them becoming inactive in participating in the project. It is essential for people to have a like-minded result to build a vibrant community.

Inadequate knowledge on new machines found in different companies within that community. It hindered our group members not to be able to ask detailed questions to get more information about the company business run in the city. Inadequate knowledge also created fear among our fellows thus avoiding the question more thus getting less information.

Lack of trust. Having trust is essential to teamwork, and it all starts with members understanding each other. Leaders guiding different groups should gain confidence from the member so that to avoid tension in any result that has been attained.therefore, it is essential a leader respect the members and be able to listen to each of them. Members should also respect each other and their leader in the order they will trust every information thus to avoid any inconvenience within the group.

Conflict and tension. It is always caused by having different opinions on how to run the group. Different views triggers debates that may cause wastage of time. It is evident that people think differently and expand their knowledge depending on their differences. It is a responsibility of the leader to make sure no chaos comes out of disturbing arguments. When arguments start in teamwork, it causes discomfort, and it may result in turmoil within the group.

They are not sharing information. Project team members always come up with a different and unique set of skills, knowledge, experience, and wisdom. A progressive project is still able to share regularly its information for the benefit of all the members and the progress of the project.  It will make every person capable and building the team to grow since it is given more power from the members.

Other factors that affected our project is like low engagement, and this is whereby members are not sharing information within the group because they do not involve each other in their activities. Lack of transparency is another problem where some members are not sharing their points fully to others, and also no long term thinking is a problem since members are not able to make long-lasting decisions.

It is clear that Corporate Social Responsibility has tremendous potential impacts on society. For examples; it enhances public trust . it will enable an organization to be more prosperous and enjoyable for the employees since there will be a responsible business. When a company or an industry gains a public trust, it will make a high profit since it will be able to market its product to a great mass of people. The advantage made will bring a positive impact to society since it will create more chances that will improve people`s living standards.

Another potential impact is that it will donate to needy causes. It means that it will bring products that are needed by society. By providing products to the organization, companies with the initiative will be able to support positively to the community at large.

They are supporting environmental changes. Having technologies that focus on improving conservation and environmental protection, the industries will be able to come up with new ideas that will conserve the environment. Other impacts are developing programmes to help people from developing countries and also improving the quality of life through health initiatives.

There are benefits gained by the organizations through the corporate social responsibilities such as; better brand recognition. It is through the policies of the initiative to have proper attention in the community and to the country at large. Positive business reputation is achieved when the corporate social responsibilities control the company.

Increased sales and customer loyalty is another benefit. Customers will be willing to get their goods and services from a company that is well managed by the( CSR ). Everyone is comfortable when he or she is served well; thus people gain more trust from organizations that are under the initiative programme.

Better financial performance and organization growth. Most organizations grow fast when they get more customers and other supportive efforts from society. When there are many customers, there will be a high performance of finance to the company thus being a benefit to the company itself and the community at large.

There are many lessons learned from organizations with this programme of corporate social responsibilities such as it acts as a role model, and they disseminate best practices such as projects that improve the living standards of people. Companies with this initiative are recognized widely, and they get more profits since the customers believe in them. Therefore, i recommend that it is essential all the organization follow this route and make sure that their business is mostly involving the corporate social responsibilities. If all the companies, industries and other organizations cooperate with this initiative, they will enjoy the benefits and maintain a high profit.