Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entails company’s initiative to take the responsibility of its effect on the environment and also the social wellbeing. Therefore, the companies will incur some short-term costs and provide a positive impact to the social and environmental change (Bateman, & Snell, 2013). According to my opinion, Sandwich Blitz should keep their shop open and continue with the business no matter the challenges they will face. First, the legal responsibilities of the businesses are to ensure that they obey the rules and regulations of the local, state and federal, and international laws. For example, Sandwich Blitz is entitled to laws that cover sections such as the safety standards of the works and also filling the company’s tax returns. Similarly, the company should use the one year remaining in the lease agreement to provide its services to the community.

Second, the ethical responsibility of the company is to meet what the society expects of them. Therefore, the company should do what is right and fair for the community, and they should avoid providing products that might harm the society. About this scenario, Sandwich Blitz should take the ethical responsibility due to the request from its significant and loyal customers and also the local community. The local community leaders and some of the employees voiced their concern over the location. Even if the law does not require Sandwich Blitz to do some of the activities, they should just do what they consider as right. However, the actions taken by the company will provide a positive image to the public hence maintain a healthy relationship with the customers and the local community.

Third, the philanthropic responsibilities involve the additional behaviors by the company that the community accepts and the business’ value supports. For example, it includes giving supports to the projects in the community and also participates in charitable contributions. The projects and contributions will help those individuals who survived from natural disasters. The activities should be managed properly and ensure the stakeholders’ goodwill are built and also add to their wealth. Ultimately, the economic responsibility entails providing goods and services that the society is willing to use at a favorable price with the business. The price should also satisfy the activities of the company to its investors. For example, Sandwich Blitz should ensure they maintain a high operating efficiency, strong competition and maximize their sales. When the company does so, they will maximize their profit and move forward.



Bateman, T., & Snell, S. (2013). Management, third edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin, NY

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