Corruption among senior leaders in an organization

Corruption among senior leaders in an organization

Corruption among senior leaders in an organization is a challenge that ravages efforts made by the organization towards sustainable development. Good governance is free from corruption and intends to eliminate unethical behavior among the senior managers. When certain senior managers are corrupt in an organization, the employees can be affected directly on their work ethics, values, and attitudes. Organizational corruption triggers a reaction from employees in response to the lack of trust that is developed on the corporate leaders. Evaluating the response of employees to bribery at the hand of top leaders act purposefully to enhance our understanding of the human cost of unethical behavior and also how organizations can respond to the aftermath of an ethical scandal.

Any strategy that aims to annihilate unethical behavior and corruption of senior managers must address the issue of good governance. When senior managers become unethical and engage in bribery, employees lose trust in the employees. To gain back the confidence of the employees and ensure that they perform in response to the organization’s commitment, institutional reforms and political will is essential. The discretionary powers of the public officials must be dealt with to reduce monopoly. The administrative laws should be tightened to improve transparency and accountability. The dissemination and publishing of regulations on costs of public service must be introduced.

Under good governance, we have a political will which is a pillar that encourages leaders to have a culture of honest and ethical leadership. Political will discourages the culture of the “big man” but accepts a moral compass on all the leaders. Leadership must encompass actions with high levels of integrity and truthfulness which motivates employees towards improved performance. The senior leaders must avoid conflict of interest and dedicate their efforts to the employment duties and responsibilities.

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