Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure whose purpose is to correct or improve various body imperfections. The expertise is useful in correcting flaws that occur due to congenital issues, illnesses, and traumatic events (Barone, Cogliandro, &Persichetti, 2017). Cosmetic operation is one of the types of plastic surgery. Whereas the latter primarily focuses on reconstructive procedures, the former seeks to improve an individual’s appearance. Reconstructive surgery strives to treat morphological changes due to pathological conditions. The popularity of these medical procedures has risen significantly over the years. Aspects such as concerns about levels of attractiveness based on one’s physical traits and beauty standards characterize the present-day society (Barone et al., 2017). Thus, more people are increasingly pursuing cosmetic procedures despite their effects on individuals’ wellbeing. This paper discusses the positive and negative impacts of cosmetic surgery on individuals.

The objective of medicine, ultimately, is to enable restoration of a patient’s mental and physical balance as well as wellness. In the field of plastic surgery, this goal translates to a happy coexistence between the aspect of outer beauty and inner truth which contribute to the attainmen

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