Counseling focuses on a wider area that aims at developing a positive mindset and regain mental well being. Therefore, competent skills required for one condition varies significantly. It involves a combination of different skills with the aim of delivering quality work that impacts the lives of the victims. In an attempt to understand the core aspects of the practice, the work divides the activity based on different cases.

Practice in Confrontation

The first instance explains a situation of spinal injury along with medical issues. It thus requires attention from both counselors and medical practitioners. Mike mention his feelings about the visiting of the wife and the emotional context of the situation. Emotional challenges are evident in the case of the patient. Therefore, the therapeutic session should identify direct communication and discussion as the core steps toward addressing the problem. The therapist’s response would major in different communication skills that allows an appropriate connection between the client and the counselor.

The second case is one of the most challenging since the client expects more attention from her friends. On the contrary, the opposite effect tends to take its course Anne says “I give a lot to my friends. The situation and expectation would vary based on the ability of the friends to visit her. Therefore, if the case turns the opposite, then she needs to have adequate support in the understanding of peoples’ opinions and how people differ in caring for others. Besides she needs to have a belief that people think differently. Therefore, her perception can be changed gradually through the required approaches.

The therapist’s confrontation with Robert’s case requires an understanding of the cause of significant problems that led to the breakup. Besides, other factors have to be considered regarding his view on the financial situation and ability to cope with the first two instances of divorce, losing a job and being broke. The approach should be positive and provide an opportunity for the patient to express other concerns regarding his condition. Mastering the cause of his significant problems and weakness would, therefore, offers an opportunity for the therapist to identify the best treatment strategy that would be established.

Practice of Immediacy

Addressing significant cases of drug abuse is challenging. However, both counseling sessions and medical treatment would facilitate a successful recovery. Besides, the assessment of instances of mental disorders and depression would play a key role in developing an appropriate remedy. While a substantial part of stage 2 counseling is to boost and instill positive values to an individual, an angry and accusing tone is avoided at all cost. Therefore, it is an interactive process that allows both the client and therapist an opportunity to explore new personalities strengths

Arthritis patients express different encounters of the condition. Therefore, it considers different micro skills and combines the effect of each to an individual’s health condition and social aspects such as walking and participation in sports. Morgan, Jackie, and Ellie present their experiences access the feedback analyze their position and create an opportunity for improvement. However, it is crucial for the counselor to often seek the feelings of the clients at the beginning of the session.

Eating disorders are common causes of mental problems such as stress and depression. A client-centered approach is one of the reliable methods that applied to address significant issues. For example, anxiety alerts the counselor or individuals surrounding the clients that not everything is well with the patient. Even though a certain amount of stress is reasonable and considered as positive, excessive or association with hyperactivity is deemed to have negative impacts on an individual’s life.

Advanced Accurate Empathy

Sam and Adele present almost similar instances of emotional challenges after primary treatment. The explanation of both situations is emotional. Monitoring facial expression and body language would enhance interaction between the counselor and the clients.

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