Course Critique

It has been an interesting time, challenging, boring at times, exciting in others, but most importantly educative. The course gave all the dimensions that one as a student would expect even in a sit-in class. Appreciation to the instructor for commitment and accurate well timed feedback. It was an exemplary class conducted on the provisions of technology at its best and everyone appreciated.

One aspect I will live to appreciate about this class is the way it built up my critique skills. I must have been either a sycophant of everything in the art sector, or least a sympathizer. How I have become so objectively critical of people’s works remains a credit to this work. Reflection of the music of Huey Lewis and the News band remains the thing I enjoyed most all through. Music is part of my happiness,

The least interesting part of this course was the movies. I dislike movies, I can never last a whole two hours watching a movie. There came the issue of analyzing and critiquing movies. Just how could I have given an impartial review? The course calls for impartiality on matters that people carry extreme emotions about. This should be eased with freedom and liberty of choice on the piece of wart that one wants to concentrate on.

The most challenging thing was the never ending assignments and the strict deadlines. They were just somehow too much. Also, learning online, submitting the assignments online and still getting the feedback right there is a big challenge. I would still mention the podcasts as a big challenge. This was some kind of vocal journalism that not many of us are talented with. It gave me some actual nightmare.


It should be taken upon to organize a few sit-in classes. The class interaction would do miraculous boost on the students. Also, cutting the number of assignments by around 30% would have given the students some better chance of concentrating on the coursework. Instead, students spent much more time doing assignments than understanding the course content. That would have been invaluable consideration.

The concept of working under no supervision was a magnificent gain. There was no time I would meet the instructor face to face but I did all the assignments, participated in online discussion forums and ensured I followed everything that was going on as with regard to requirements and satisfying the criteria for assessment. The forums were great learning activities in understanding people’s implied behavior.

I would have at least wanted to see a situation where one is allowed to major on a specific genre like let’s say music or movies. It would have helped most of us to understand the course better. Essentially, I would have loved to learn more about music, the studios, the directors, the gigs and such issues relating to music; just where the entertainment comes from and the expansive history of the art of music.

Just like Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you give me six hours to cut a tree, I would use the first four sharpening the knife.” This is where I failed, I could have prepared better for the course. I should have checked on the time allocation, prepared better and it would have been better than it exactly turned out to be. However, I cannot regret all through, the course was an incredible experience.

The instructor was good, the feedback online was prompt. There was just one element missing to complete the jigsaw; physical presence. In many cases, the physical presence of an instructor has some magical touch related to it. It is commanding, influential and gives a knack of progress. The instructor should have allocated a few hours of physical consultation in his office; even two per week would be enough.

Overall, the course had been incredible and great. Most of us had a first touch to self management and working under self control. As a first time course, it scored highly on the way it was delivered. The timely communication from the instructor made this course awesome and good to be involved in. The most surprising part, somehow one that beat logic was that the course consumed more time than offline courses that classes are attended physically. The first impression of online courses is that one thinks they will create a lot of free time for the partakers. But woe unto them, the course is very demanding. It requires a presence that beats odds. I won’t forget any soon the fun I had reviewing the Huey Lewis, the all time legend.

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