Course Reflection

I have studied environmental science for about a year. I have an idea of the various environmental issues we face such as climate change,(anthropogenic climate change), depletion of the ozone layer, acidification of surface waters,  natural resources depletion, animal and plant extinction, and the loss of biodiversity. On a visit to California recently, I experienced the California wildfire which is said to be the deadliest and most destructive in its history. It was a wakeup call that climatic change is real and has become a menace to our existence. I hope to learn how to deal with environmental issues in the best way possible. I fear that the class will require too many activities and to address the fears, I have become friends with a number of my classmates because they will be my guide, partners, and motivators during the course.


In the first week of class, I learned about innovation and sustainability. The human population is continuously looking for ways to become more advanced at the expense of natural resources. For instance, people have destroyed vast forests to build industries, housing complexes and roads which have tampered with the ecological system. The water systems have not been spared as waste from home and industries are channeled to the rivers, lakes, and oceans. As much as I believe that innovation is good, it needs to be done considerately to avoid a greenness world without food in the future. , and I enjoyed the lessons. One of the activities I engaged in was the Ecological Footprint activity, and I was shocked to discover the impact one person has on the earth environment.


I have come to know that the step towards sustainable biodiversity and ecosystems starts with me, and every action I undertake towards ensuring a greener lifestyle can go a long way to impact the earth. For that reason, I plan to make the following lifestyle changes:

Take the bus to and from school to reduce carbon emission

Wash clothes in bulk using a washing machine once per week

Install low flow taps in the kitchen sink and  in the showerheads to prevent water wastage

Install a solar panel to use in tasks that do not need a lot of electricity such as the TV

Use the hanging line instead of the drier

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