Crime Prevention Techniques

Crime prevention is an issue that affects the world as a whole. As a result, various techniques have been put in place to help deter them and ensure that the standards of living are improved. One of the ways is by using crime prevention through environmental design which mitigates crime by providing that there is an effective use of the environment that can reduce fear and incidences of crime. To realize this, the various governments reinforces guidelines that regulate the use of natural resources within the environment. Such guidelines include territoriality and natural surveillance which helps in reducing opportunities for crime that can result from the design of structure and neighbourhoods.

Territorial reinforcement

Territorial reinforcement requires that all the structures are designed that indicate whether they are public or private structures. This is to indicate a sense of ownership of the structures to prevent any conflict that arises between people claiming the ownership. As a result, various people who have ownership of property will take control of it and defend his environment.  An individual can protect his property through continuous checkup, inspections maintenance to ensure the property is in excellent condition.

To ensure that these guidelines are useful, various practices have been put in place. For instance, the government can use porches to distinguish the streets from the home areas. This can also be possible by using signage that will help people to identify and defines various areas hence makes them live peacefully with other people. In an organization system, the managers can design it in such a way that the employees have a separate parking area from the visitors. These techniques help ensure the structures and properties are given territory, and everyone knows to which limit to use various features in the organization.

Natural surveillance

Natural surveillance requires that features within the environment are made visible to everyone who accesses them. This is to ensure that the people who come into contact with these features can avoid trouble with them or can be able to call for help in case they find themselves in problems with them. Various features that are used include lighting, building entrance, landscaping and layouts among other designs which are meant to keep intruders under observation. Through this, the legitimate users of a given property can be able to observe and be aware of the space around them.

In an organizational setup, the parking area should be made visible through the window. Moreover, various doors within the organization that open to the outside and easily viewable by many peoples should be illuminated. There should also be proper lighting within the organization to ensure that workers can see at night to prevent any threat. This will be very important as it gives the employees the security needed to create a safe environment in the organization. As a result, employees will be motivated to work and meet organizational objectives. Employees’ motivation is key for the company’s success and will make the environment around safe which improves the living standards of employees.

Conclusively, crime prevention can be realized through the use of territorial reinforcement and natural surveillance which are used to design structure and property for a safe environment. Most organization work to ensure that their employees are safe and that their features are also safe. As a result, they design their organization in such a way that it is safe even during the night time. They ensure that there are proper lighting and a separate parking area within the organization. The government on the other hand also provide that they deter crime by designing properties into private and public. This ownership help prevents conflict within the state and makes it a crime-free environment.


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