Criminal Law Questions

Criminal Law Questions

Question One

The two criminal gangs attack people for different reasons, and they have different motivations that make them attack innocent people. Criminal gangs are formed to serve certain purposes such as exploiting people to earn money while others want to attack certain people in society for their reasons. Some gangs fight each other in order to control specific regions of the country. The two gangs under review have different missions that they wanted to fulfil. There are motivating factors that make criminal gangs attack people.

The F13 group had a mission to attack black people living in the Los angles; the gang was mainly comprised of Latinos that wanted to make the city move out of the city. The gang wanted the Latinos to dominate the neighbourhood for their community to live in the neighbourhood (Gangland, 2017).  The gang attacked many innocent African America as the group continued to grow. However, the F-13 faced rivalry from the gang group that was comprised of African America people. The Crip gang main mission was to sell drugs in order to earn and make money from the sale of the drugs. The significant difference between the F-13 and the Crip gang was the target people that they attacked.  The F-13 attacked people because of their race because they did not want to see African American people dominate the Los angles neighbourhoods.

The Crip gang engaged in various activities that made them earn money, all the attacks that the gang conducted they wanted to make money from the attack. The F-13 gang also attacked other gang groups that were a threat to its dominance in the area (Gangland, 2017). The Crip and the F-13 continued to fight for dominance for a long time, and many people died from the fight. Each group absorbed other minority groups that were living in the area. The F-13 never wanted other gang groups to make money on activities that they also engaged in making money.

Question Two

The primary type of attack that F-13 used was shooting innocent people mainly the blacks whenever they could find them. The mostly used to attack the African American people whenever they could find them (Gangland, 2017). Many of the attack by F-13 gang members were primarily conducted by members of the gangs while in their vehicles. The gang never used to attack African American people using any other means but using gangs.  The police faced challenges in controlling the F-13 gangs and preventing the attacks that they conducted to innocent people.

The Crip gang never used to attack people on the streets because of the colour of their skin, and the gang also used guns to shoot their target (Gangland, 2017). They only shot people that they believed were their rivalry in the neighbourhood. The Crip gang used guns to shoot people, but they never shot anybody that they come across. The gang faced the challenge of recruiting new members hence reducing the crimes that the gang used to conduct.

In conclusion, the criminal gangs used to attack and kill innocent people that had no interest in conflicting gangs. , and the law enforcement officers faced the challenge of controlling the gangs. The gangs shot many police officers an act that traumatised other police officers; they were afraid of being attacked as well.


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