Crisis Management Plan

Crisis Management Plan

Executive Summary

This paper presents a crisis management plan for the 3-day Military Air show in South West England as a guide to response in case of the development of any crisis. The crisis management team recognizes that crises are possible occurrences in military air shows and thus the need to develop a management plan in advance to prevent damages and control the situations on time if and when they occur. The crisis management plan provides an overview that explains its purpose, function and parameters as pertains to the military airshow. It also explores the aims and objectives of a crisis management plan in such events as well as defines possible crisis faced in the event and the strategic options available to mitigate and manage them.

Furthermore, the plan includes a crisis vulnerability assessment that offers an evaluation of the exposure of the event to crises including critical internal and external weakness and perceived levels of risk.  The crisis management plan also outlines the compositions and structure of the crisis management team and their respective roles and responsibilities and the lines of communication. Also, the plan provides the crisis activation plan including information verification and call-out procedures, crisis communication and stakeholder management procedures and the deactivation and stand down directives. Ultimately, the plan provides a post-crisis activation and review.


Crisis management is an integral part of an operation conducted by strategic and serious organizations or bodies. A crisis management plan developed at the start of a procedure or event anticipates the probable crisis during the event and thus outlines the allocation of resources such as equipment and personnel, activities that will take place in the management of the crisis and assign the roles and responsibilities to the personnel among others (Eriksson & McConell, 2011, 89). Military performances are prone to crisis and thus the need to develop crisis management plans prior to the performances to ensure efficiency in crisis management if they arise. This crisis management plan is designed for a 3-day military Air show in South West England that features 220 aircrafts from 32 air arms and is expected to attract 100,000 spectators.

Overview / Rationale

Generally, air displays are subject to high regulations and require risk management controls due to the volatile nature of air displays and aircrafts. Military air shows are civic events that involve the display of military aircrafts through aerobatics demonstrations. For that reason, there is a need for safety for both the military and the public. Military air shows are high risk events externally given a large number of audiences they attract and the attention it attracts from the outside world. Also, the internal risks with the aircrafts and the systems prevail. Air display risks stem from low to high risks margins thus the need for the development of crisis management plans beforehand to ensure preparedness in case of an unexpected occurrence

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