Critical Evaluation of a Journal

This assessment requires you to source an academic journal article and provide a critical evaluation of its content.

1. Search for a journal article from the Edinburgh Napier Library database which will be useful to you when completing Assessment 3.

2. Write a 1000-word report in which you:
a. Explain which journal article you chose, and why you chose it (100 words)
b. Summarise the main points of the article in your own words (300 words)
c. Consider the extent to which the evidence presented by the authors supports the arguments that they have made, giving reasons for your answer (500 words)
d. Provide an introduction and a conclusion to your report (50 words each)
e. Provide a full Harvard-style reference for your journal article.

3. Show a draft copy of the report to your tutor for verbal feedback (note that this is worth 20% of your mark for this assessment).

4. Use the feedback to improve your report before final submission.
You should use the framework provided in the ‘Critical Thinking’ lecture to structure this assessment.
The report MUST be uploaded onto Turnitin before the submission deadline.

The report is to be submitted to the Local Programme Administrator on the specified due date (See Introduction Slides) together with a hard copy of your chosen journal article. The report should be written in formal English and be fully referenced. If you are in any doubt regarding the level of detail required for this piece of assessment then please ask the Local Tutor in class. Please also see section 6 of the Study Guide.