Critical Thinking Assessement

Critical Thinking Assessement

In most of the instances, there exist many factors which tend to affect the way a student performs in school settings. They include financial constraints and time among others. It is evident that by providing solutions to these factors, then their academic success becomes a guarantee. Some of the essential topics I found useful in addressing these issues across the semester includes time management, financial literacy, and critical thinking.

Critical thinking is one of the essential skills a college student is required to engage or expand. For example, at least each student in colleges or any other learning institutions have access to a library. I am personally one of them, and this means that I am exposed to a wide variety of information from different kinds of journals, articles, and textbooks. A sharp set of critical thinking skills has made me navigate this flood of information successfully. Increased access to information comes handy with increased critical skills because I will be required to evaluate the kind of information such as who published this? What are their intentions? Or is the report an example or an actual case?

No one can make critical thinking to happen because it tends to be natural. It is defined as a clear, reasonable, and reflective thinking which is mainly focused on what to believe. It is a process of questioning information and data, and it requires an individual to be skeptical and challenge assumptions rather than blindly accepting what you hear or read. Curiosity and reflection are considered to characterize all critical thinkers.

Time management is an essential aspect of everyday life. For instance, time management is practiced in almost every point in school life. It should be spent wisely before an exam period because otherwise, it can prevent a person from performing well on the exams. Sometimes social opportunities conflicts with academic expectations and a student are required to forego one. It is crucial to effectively manage time because it will enable me to be successful. To effectively manage time, it is essential to recognize the time management style, create a schedule, and get better at prioritizing. Strength is an example of a management style whereby a student can do well in all aspects. A time schedule needs to be flexible due to the reason that circumstances and situations tend to arise unexpectedly. Things such as due dates and exam dates need to be included in a personal timetable no matter what. Being better at prioritizing means a person needs to avoid procrastination because it is difficult to catch up once you’ve fallen behind. Effective time management has helped me to cope up with the stress of studying.

Financial literacy is also an essential aspect of learning institutions. For instance, financial literacy in schools can be achieved when students plan their spending or even make monthly recurring payments like rent. College students have money concerns which affect their academic success. These kinds of stress can be reduced by analyzing one’s financial responsibilities and planning ways. A successful financial goal can be successful by making budgets, monitoring spending, saving, working and choosing loans wisely.

To achieve academic and career success, I consider selecting a symbol of my commitment to success. I plan to manage my time wisely especially during studying and at exam periods. I will also take responsibility for my academic achievement, and ask for help where necessary rather than quitting. Critical thinking is a process of questioning information and necessitates a person to challenge assumptions rather than blindly accepting what you read. It is essential for students to manage time wisely because it contributes to success. Financial literacy tends to avoid stresses which tend to interfere with student’s academic performances and entails monitoring spending and making budgets among others.