Critique of a Toy


Kids a child materializes and learns skills through various processes such as social and emotional development and cognitive development. This project presents a critique of a toy; VTech Write $ Learn Creative Centers, which is used by kids especially at the four years to help in writing and enhance creativity. However, the toy can also be used by all kids of age between 3- 6 years. This project addresses some critical skills in a child’s development such as communication, cognitive development, and analytical skills.

In explaining how the skills are demonstrated, the project utilizes various developmental theories such as cognitive development theory, which was developed by Jean Piaget. This theory describes how a child’s thought process changes throughout childhood. This theory explains how children gain knowledge and act as ‘little scientists” — the project also utilizes the Psychological theory which was developed by Erik Erikson.

WHAT EXACT AGE GROUP DOES TS PROJECT ADDRESS? This project presents a critique of a toy (VTech Write $ Learn Creative Centers) for a child of exactly 4 years. However, it can also be suitable for ages between ages 3-6 years old.

WHAT DEVELOPMENT SKILL OR SKILLS DOES THIS PROJECT ADDRESS? The development skills that are addressed included cognitive skills, physical skills, communication skills, and analytical skills.

DESCRIBE FULLY HOW THIS PROJECT ADDRESSES THE SKILLS YOU HAVE TARGETED. BE DESCRIPTIVE AND THOROUGH. According to Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development which emphases on how kids thought process changes over the cause of childhood, a child of 4 years should demonstrate cognitive skills, specifically symbolic thought. The toy allows kids to learn how to draw using the magnetic drawing board. The kid can explore creativity by drawing and interpreting pictures that are presented n the stencil toy. The also has doodler that allows kids to write their names step by step. According to Erikson’s Psychosocial child development theory, the development of a child at the age of 4 years should demonstrate communication skills. The toy provides the ability of the kid to code and encode information as seen from the doodler and Pre-K board. Besides, according to Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, a child of age four years should be able to demonstrate analytical skills. These analytical skills are developed mostly from observation and interpretation of data and object meanings. Kids also develop analytical skills through the ability to solve simple mathematical problems. The toy helps the kids develop these skills through the use of a magnetic drawing board which allows them to learn these skills in a fun way. Pre-K learning toy has animate demonstrations that children can follow and learn.