Cultural Anthropology


What is cultural anthropology and how can it explain, or even help solve, the problems humans contemplate? The cultural anthropology of Robert L. Welsch and Luis A. Vivanco: doing questions about the humanity, second edition, uses an approach based on queries for teaching the students how to think anthropologically as well as helping them see the problems as an anthropologist. However, as inspired by the observation that was common in the ninety-nine by percent of a right answer is a good question, Cultural Anthropology combines a pedagogy focused on problems with the topics what they are usually treated in an introductory course. Cultural anthropology also represents an effort to close the gap between the realities of today’s discipline and traditional views

Fieldwork methods

In anthropology, there are various types of fieldwork methods used during the investigation. We delve into several Fieldwork methods used.

Observing Methods

The observation method is a method less invasive in which the anthropologist integrates less in society study

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