Cultural Diversity in Business

Mazur, B. (2010). Cultural diversity in organizational theory and practice. Journal of intercultural management, 2(2), 5-15.

The text is an intercultural management journal by Barbara Mazur, human resource personnel in which the author talks about the importance of organization embracing diversity. The author admits that globalization is increasing and thus increasing the need to have high interaction among employees with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. The fact that the article was written in 2010 means it is a recent text whose view on cultural diversity reflects the current trend on the difference in workplaces. It is becoming evident that people are no longer living and working in the home marketplace. Instead, they have become part of the world economy and have led to the competition within business come from all countries and continents. The article notes that it is only through having diverse cultures in workplaces that creativity will set in the business and cause the change that is desired. The article is relevant especially in examining the entire concept of cultural diversity and how it aids businesses to become creative and work through change.

Lozano, J., and Teresa Escrich. “Cultural Diversity in Business: A Critical Reflection on the Ideology of Tolerance.” Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 142, no. 4, May 2017, pp. 679–696. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1007/s10551-016-3113-y.

This is a business ethics journal written by Lozano and Teresa in June 2017; therefore is the latest article that indicates about the diversity. The authors acknowledge the increasing importance of cultural diversity in the workplaces that are not only adding to the political and social harmony within the organization but leading to efficiency and cohesion in the organizations. However, the whole idea of embracing different cultures in organizations raises many challenging questions that require more in-depth and broader empirical analysis and reflection. These questions rise since it is of prime importance to manage cultural diversity that involves bring together different customs, beliefs, credos, and values and harmonize them. Thus, it tries to achieve human identity at the same time uses these differences to deliver the best for the organization. The article is relevant in the sense that it examines some of these questions and address them regarding cultural differences in the organization


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