Culture and Socialization

Culture defines people’s beliefs, values, and interests. Learning is described as people’s arts, language, music, and literature of people. Culture distinguishes people from others in many ways. Culture is shared and learned to mean that no one owns it since it gets moved from one generation to the other. Culture distinguishes different things and makes them unique in many ways.

Culture is monolithic, and people live within a culture. It is monolithic means that people share the same belief in terms of religion, same language and similar general worldview. An excellent example of a monolithic culture is that of Japan where they share folk beliefs and native Shinto religion. There is cultural diversity in the world where beliefs vary among cultures. Every culture has its acceptable human behavior with each culture giving the reasons for settling in every action. Cultural diversity gets felt when one visits a foreign country and note that the way of doing things is different in terms of what one sees and hears them do.

Culture is symbolic. Symbolic implies that every word, object, and behavior receives meaning. The definition has to be rational, subjectively logical and objectively arbitrary. The sense is then passed from one generation to the other and is unique in each culture. Culture plays a significant role in instilling values and norms of society members and offer significant relevant in bringing change and resourcefulness in the community. Cultures have countercultures and subcultures groups which give room for freedom of expression within the society.

Culture is essential since it allows people to relate with one another with necessarily having to argue meaning at every instance. Culture makes the world beautiful and brings understanding when relating to other people at work.


Socialization refers to the process where people get educated on how to become proficient members of society. It is through socialization that people learns to understand societal norms and their expectations within society. It occurs through the process of socializing and is done by various socialization agents. Children are born with genetic and biological make-up making, and the rest develops as one interacts with those around him/her as he/she grows up. Socialization occurs through the process of self-development.

Socialization plays a critical role in the individual and society in general. It gives ideas on how human interaction is intertwined as well as how the social world exist. It teaches the new generation the right culture failure to which the cultural beliefs may cease to exist. It also enables ourselves to see ourselves through the eyes of other people and this helps us to learn to live in the world and how to interact with those around us. It is through socialization that one able to learn the language.

The agents of socialization facilitate socialization process. The agents may be a formal or informal institution. The family is the first agent of socialization since family members are the first person that one interacts with when one is born. The other agents of socialization include schools, religion, workplace, peer groups, social group agents and mass media. Socialization is a long-time event and does not end at childhood. It is a lifetime occurrence that changes from one level to the others.

In most cases, there is anticipatory socialization that takes place as one grows and prepares for future roles. A good illustration is a married couple who cohabitate before marrying or even parents preparing how to bring up their children in the future. There is also the resocialization process where some behaviors get removed after realizing they are not useful anymore.

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